Living Arrows 12/52 [2020]

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Hello! A new week is here and I’m, understandably, anxious for what the week ahead brings. Daisy will be staying home from Nursery and we will be making the most of the time together. And I’ll be juggling work of course where that comes up! Anyway, on Saturday Daisy turned 4! Here is our Living Arrows 12/52 post.

Daisy turned 4!
It was just the 3 of us at home, no party this year, but Daisy had a great day anyway – as you can see from the state of her PJ top!

Because of the Coronavirus, we had to cancel Daisy’s Birthday party. We had made our decision before the isolation guidelines came around because we want to keep our family, and others, as safe as possible. I think it is really important for people to stay home if they can.

We spent the day at home, just us three, and Daisy had a lovely day. It wasn’t the day that we had planned but we’re together, and safe, and that’s good enough, isn’t it! Daisy doesn’t really know much about Coronavirus. I have just kept it simple and told her that Nursery is closed (it isn’t of course but she’s not going) and that it is being cleaned and we will stay home together until it reopens. She was fine with this but was upset when I explained that our family wouldn’t be able to visit for her Birthday. Hopefully later in the year, when life goes back to ‘normal’ whatever that even is anymore, I’ll look forward to a nice family gathering to have a big catch up!

I think the coming weeks, and months, are going to be a very different time. In some ways, I feel fortunate that Daisy is young, and doesn’t know any better, but also I feel worried about what the Spring holds, like most people I’m sure. Stay safe everyone – and stay home as best you can!

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