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Living Arrows 21/52 – Sleep issues! (AD)

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Morning! Happy Monday & Happy Birthday to my lovely husband too! It has been a really mixed week here. Lots of great work has come my way, and financially I feel like things might be picking up a little now after a very quiet 8 weeks or so.

One thing that is not going very well at the moment is Daisy’s sleep pattern! Living Arrows 21/52 – Sleep issues!

Daisy sleeping - Living Arrows 21/52 - Sleeping issues
Daisy really enjoyed this 30 minute sleep..!

We have spent lots of time in the garden this week, with paddling pools still being a big hit with Daisy. Daisy now has a big bag of plastic coloured balls to put in the pool too, and loves sorting them into colour groups!

It is so nice to have a garden, and even after 7+ months I feel so blessed to have this outdoor space.

Daisy’s sleep has been terrible this week! Night wake ups, sometimes for 3-4 hours, and it is fair to say that I am tired! We are pushing on with encouraging Daisy to sleep in her own room every evening, and to go back to her own bed once she wakes up.

It is quite time consuming, but that’s fine, as I have plenty of time at the moment!

This week I washed and sorted all of Daisy’s new clothes. On the weekend I took everything 3-4 out of her drawers and off her hanging rail and swapped it for 4-5 year clothes.

I remember when Daisy used to grow faster than the age sizes, but I’m happy it has slowed down a little as it costs £100s now when she outgrows a size!

This time, while choosing clothes, I let Daisy have some input into what she wanted to have. Lots of Toy Story clothing and Marvel clothing was chosen, mostly from the ‘boys’ section on the George at Asda website.

I also ordered lots of bundles from eBay, one didn’t arrive even after 4 weeks of waiting sadly! So we are almost done now, and just need to purchase Daisy’s school uniform a little later in the year!

This week we are celebrating Tom’s Birthday today (when he gets home from work) and we are hoping to enjoy our new barbecue too! I’m so excited, as we have talked about having barbecues in our own garden for almost 10 years and it’s finally time! Have a great week whatever you’re doing!

Living Arrows
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Sunday 31st of May 2020

I hope Daisy's sleep settles soon. Both of mine were terrible sleepers until they were about 3 and a half and thankfully have been OK since but I know how hard it can be. Happy Birthday to Tom too :)


Monday 1st of June 2020

Thanks so much! He had a lovely day x

Mudpie Fridays

Sunday 31st of May 2020

Sorry to hear her sleeping isn't going to plan. I wonder if its something to do with their ages as Kipper has been similar. Yay to a BBQ hope you had a great week. x


Monday 1st of June 2020

I think the change in routine hasn't helped too!


Sunday 31st of May 2020

I'm sorry her sleep has been so bad. I think the hot weather and the amount of activity they're getting at the moment has something to do with it - the sun is exhausting.


Monday 1st of June 2020

Yeah I think when she goes back to Nursery tomorrow things *might* improve. I hope so anyway!


Monday 25th of May 2020

Aww sleep problems are the worst - sending hugs! Enjoy celebrating your other half's birthday :) #livingarrows


Monday 25th of May 2020

Thanks so much x Hope you're well!