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Living Arrows 26/52 – Daisy is gaining a routine back

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Good morning, happy Monday! Finally it feels like we’re getting a little bit of routine back to our life. By that I mean Daisy is back to Nursery, and really enjoying herself. We’ve been spending more time together when she is home, home is sparkling clean and I feel like I’m getting back on track with my workload too – finally. It has been a long few months, and I really sympathise with those people who are still in the midst of doing all of the childcare for their children, and finding it hard to balance everything. Anyway, Living Arrows 26/52 is now live!

Daisy relaxing at home in a pink jumper that says hooray for the day!

As Daisy starts to settle back into a routine I feel like she is back to her old self. Less tantrums, less mood swings and just generally being happier to spend time with us, perhaps because she is less bored of our company now that she is seeing other people too?!

Daisy has been loving her new clothes, as she has recently moved up to 4-5 year clothes. When Daisy was small, and on specialist hydrolysed formula she seemed to move up the clothing sizes quicker than expected, but now she’s on the 50th centile and I’m relieved, as it is really expensive now to buy her a full wardrobe. This time I used a mixture of shopping with George at Asda and eBay bundles, to ensure that she had a nice mixture of clothing, textures, designs and accessories too. Daisy seems really happy each morning to pick out her new favourites and this jumper she is wearing here is definitely one of her favourites.

I feel that Daisy loves cotton the most, like me really, and she has a stripy cotton top that she absolutely loves. The only downside to letting Daisy choose her own clothes is she absolutely loves wearing a long sleeve top, and trying to get her to choose a vest or short sleeve t-shirt in this warm weather we’ve been having is a bit of a battle! Sometimes I have to use the swimming pool as a bribe just to get her to dress cool for the weather.

Living Arrows
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Friday 3rd of July 2020

I've felt like we've had a little glimpse of routine this week too. It's going to be so nice when we get a full routine back and can work around childcare again x


Monday 6th of July 2020

I can't wait to be honest!

Katrina | ChatterFox

Friday 3rd of July 2020

All hail routine! I find everyone is so much happier when they have a routine.

My almost 3 year old has decided she would like to pick her own clothes now and colour and pattern clashing seems to be her current favourite style!


Monday 6th of July 2020

Haha, it's so funny what outfits they put together isn't it!


Tuesday 30th of June 2020

Routine is most definitely key to happy kids - a lovely photo too!


Monday 6th of July 2020

Thank you, and it really is!


Monday 29th of June 2020

Haha it gets tricky when they start really knowing their own mind and getting stubborn! C has worn some bonkers outfits in the past when I just can't be bothered with the battle! #livingarrows


Monday 6th of July 2020

Haha, same for Daisy, sometimes it is easier to just pick your battles isn't it! x