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Living Arrows 30/52 – Daisy spends time learning

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There are just 6 weeks now until Daisy starts school. Eek! I’m so excited, but also nervous too. I’m worried about how Daisy will be able to eat at school, and if she will be able to dress herself for P.E lessons BUT I’m also super excited for her to begin to learn to read, and learn maths, and just expand her knowledge so much. Lots of friends have told me that the next year is a HUGE one in her learning, and mindset, and I’m really excited for those changes.

Daisy standing in our hallway after dressing herself

Daisy is already such a little sponge. She loves to hear new words, learn how to spell new words and just generally enjoys all things learning. Maths and writing are her favourite subjects so far, just because those are the ones that we have been concentrating on.

I feel so happy that I’m here to see Daisy start school, and I’m even happier that Thomas is going to be off work for Daisy’s first day of school. Thomas doesn’t really work a job where he can book a day off at short notice, and he can’t start late for his shift, as he starts at 6am. Thanks to good fortune Daisy’s first day at school we will both be there, and we will both be at home when her teacher comes to visit too – just a few days before school starts!

I’m feeling like we are quite prepared for school. I’ve ordered all of the school supplies, and uniform, and have spent some time choosing some personalised pieces for Daisy, such as water bottles, so she can be well prepared. Also, we’re really grateful that one of Daisy’s best friends from Nursery is going to be going to the same school as her. It feels like we’ve had some good luck fall on our side, and I know that Daisy is going to thrive in the school environment where there is a little more focus on actually learning, rather than just playtime, and learning through play, although I think that is really important too.

We love to read together at night, and so last week we got a new shelf for Daisy, so she has 3 shelves for all of her books now. Daisy is so happy to have even more space for books, and the shelf was much needed as her 2 shelves were already overloaded!

Living Arrows
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Friday 31st of July 2020

It sounds like Daisy is so ready for school but I can't believe it's nearly time already! In my head Daisy is still about 3 - but it's been such a joy watching her grow x


Sunday 2nd of August 2020

It's mind blowing how fast it's gone x


Wednesday 29th of July 2020

Awww it sounds like your all well prepared! Reception year is the BEST! She's going to have an amazing time x


Sunday 2nd of August 2020

Thank you, I can't wait now! x


Monday 27th of July 2020

You're definitely right about the Reception year - they do come on so much! Even just in the first term, I couldn't believe how fast the progress was - just crazy! So much to look forward to :) xx


Sunday 2nd of August 2020

It's mind blowing how the time flies by really!

Katrina | ChatterFox

Monday 27th of July 2020

Exciting times but also quite emotional. My daughter isn't school age yet but she's starting nursery in January and I'm already worrying! I'm just so used to having her at home with me!

Lovely that you're both going to be around for her first day ❤

Katrina x


Sunday 2nd of August 2020

It goes by so fast doesn't it! I'm so pleased we can be there to wave her off!