I love the 1st of the month cashouts!

I have a few websites that process cashouts on either the 1st or the last day of each month. This means that the beginning of the month is always nice for me as I work out which sites will be sending me payments in the coming days and weeks.

In addition to cashouts from NewVistaLive (£50) and OnePoll (£40) I have also cashed out this week from Swagbucks (£25), Clixsense / Crowdflower ($200+) and a variety of other websites too.

I have added several new websites and mobile applications to my earning rounds this month already and will post more on those as and when I reach the relevant cashout thresholds.

Last month I cashed out over £1,000 with the help of the above websites, and numerous others, which really does show that the small bits soon add up! Some websites I only cash out £5-£10 a month, for a few minutes work once or twice a month, but they soon add up and this year I’ve been able to purchase almost all of my Christmas presents, completely free, via Amazon. This is thanks to vouchers that I have saved up from websites such as GlobalTestMarket, InstaGC, OpinionWorld and many more.

So far this year I have already achieved over £11,000+ in cashouts in the form of cash and vouchers, from the above websites and more, and I hope over the coming months I can share more information with you on websites that I use, cashouts I have made and new and upcoming websites.

A big thank you to everyone who has migrated here from my Tumblr blog and all of the new people too! It is amazing to see my website appearing in Google search results and to read the lovely emails that people send in. Should you want to contact me, to write about a specific company or application, then please do so using the ‘Contact Katykicker‘ tab.

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  1. Angie February 9, 2015 / 7:02 pm

    I’ve just come across your website and am really enjoying your posts 🙂
    I think I am going to get started with some of these sites!

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