Review: A little look at the Luvabella (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted the featured item in exchange for coverage. If you’re the parent of a small child then chances are you have seen the Luvabella before. Luvabella was one of the must-have toys for Christmas 2017 and Christmas 2018 looks set to be the same! Luvabella is a realistic doll that is designed for children aged 4+.


Luvabellas face

A look at the Luvabellas clothing

A close up look at the Luvabella

Inside the box you receive Luvabella, who needs 4 x C batteries (not included) and comes wearing a complete outfit. The outfit is a dress, knickers and a matching headband with a bow.

Luvabellas accessories

Also included with Luvabella are 4 accessories: a dummy, a lamb toy, a bottle and a spoon. Each of these accessories is designed to be used with the interactive features that Luvabella can carry out.

Luvabella is really realistic looking and is designed to replicate a real baby. Your little one will have great fun with Luvabella as she has more than 500 unique responses. Luvabella can speak more than 100 words and complete phrases and the more you play with her the more she will learn. This means your little one is actually encouraged to continue playing with Luvabella and this drastically increases her longevity and roleplay over other dolls.

A look at Luvabella

I love all of the different actions that Luvabella does, which all help to make her more realistic. When you rock her over time her eyes begin to close and she will gradually fall to sleep.

Also, when feeding Luvabella she makes an ‘ahh’ sound and even opens her mouth for her bottle or spoon to be placed inside. I love the little noises that she makes, as they feel really realistic. She even drinks from her bottle! Once Luvabella has finished eating then you can even pat her on the back to help her bring up her wind. This is so authentic and definitely makes the roleplay with this doll better than other dolls Daisy and I have tried in the past.

Some of the other features of Luvabella that we love are that she learns animal names when you play with her little lamb toy. Also, when you touch her feet or tickle her she responds by speaking to you or even laughing.

Luvabellas bow

This is a fantastic toy if you have a new baby about to enter the family soon. Your little one can learn the real-life actions of looking after a baby, and gently soothing them, before holding the real thing. Luvabella loves it when you cover her eyes and play peek-a-boo with her! You can use the dummy to soothe her if she’s getting fussy, just like a real baby.

I absolutely love this doll. I was a little disappointed when she didn’t have batteries in, but I think that is fairly common with toys now. I’m going to check every toy before Christmas, just to make sure I don’t get caught out! The realistic feel is fantastic, and I love that she has soft skin. The actions, such as rocking Luvabella, really make her feel like a real doll and Daisy is so happy when she gets to play with her.

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