Make money from Cheltenham with Heads&Heads (AD)

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AD. Do you love a bit of horse racing? Are you a sports fan? Do you like money? Even if you only answer yes to ONE of these questions I’ve got the perfect post for you today! Today I want to talk to you about how to make money from Cheltenham thanks to the good people at Heads&Heads!

Make money from Cheltenham with Heads&Heads

Regular readers of my blog will recall that I have written about matched betting a lot in the past. One of my most popular matched betting posts recently was 5 reasons why people don’t try matched betting. I’ve heard a LOT of excuses in the past and people still give me their excuses over and over why they turn down free money. If you’re new to matched betting then check out this post. This post is going to be more aimed towards those people who already matched bet but if you want to get started now you’ve just about got enough time to build up a little bankroll before Cheltenham 2018. *Head on over to Heads&Heads to get started now with a completely FREE trial!


What is Cheltenham?

Cheltenham 2018, held from the 13th – 16th March, is one of the biggest horse racing events in the World. Bookmakers are going to have 100s of offers throughout the week designed to get customers to spend as much money as possible. The Cheltenham Gold Cup, in particular, is a great event for maximising your matched betting profit.

How can you maximise your profit from Cheltenham?

Make sure that you’ve maximised your bankroll. You’re going to want to have all of your available funds ready to go. Each morning, armed with your bookmaker accounts, you’re going to want to get tying up that bankroll. Look out for great offers including price boosts, extra place payouts, VIP offers for special customers and much more. I’ve personally had a LOT of VIP offers in the last year so I’m looking forward to seeing what I receive! 

If you’re short on time then prioritise offers. Go for the best returns first and then work from there. You’ve got four days but only a limited amount of time each day to get those offers completed.

Consider taking a couple of days off work. Thursday and Friday are the best days to maximise your profit and you can make literally £100s during these two days alone.

Why should you use Heads&Heads to help you maximise your Cheltenham profits?

Even if you’re a seasoned matched bettor, perhaps going it alone, you’ve really got no chance of finding the myriad of amazing offers manually during Cheltenham 2018. Thanks to Heads&Heads you can have access to offers, videos, live chat and much more. This support is going to be invaluable at such a busy time in the matched betting calendar.

Why do I love Cheltenham?

Personally, I love to make money from Cheltenham and this year is going to be my 2nd year of hitting it hard! Last year during Cheltenham I made more than £500, in just 4 days. This was despite having a 1-year-old at home, under my feet, and having a slightly limited bankroll at the time. This year, like a lot of experienced matched bettors, I have a big bankroll available and I’m looking forward to making money. My friend Jon, from The Money Shed, made £700+ himself too, and he has a similar bankroll to myself.

handh-students-300x250Fancy getting involved?

Whether you’re a new matched bettor or a seasoned one there is still lots of time to get signed up and maximise your profit during Cheltenham 2018. *Grab yourself one of these fantastic discounts exclusive to Heads&Heads:

Grab one month for £6 with code Cheltenham1

Grab two months for £12 with code Cheltenham2

Grab three months for £18 with code Cheltenham3

You can save from £8.99 – £26.97, depending on the package that you choose, which is great value!

Snap these discounts up from the 1st – 31st of March 2018.

11 Responses

  1. Lisa March 4, 2018 / 10:35 am

    Wow £500 in four days is pretty amazing!

    • katykicker March 8, 2018 / 2:34 pm

      Yeah I’m hoping to replicate some of my success this year!

    • James Hardy March 21, 2018 / 1:47 pm

      Highest earning member came in at £2,364 profit!

      Not looking to outdo you Katy haha 😛

  2. Hannah March 4, 2018 / 12:01 pm

    That’s incredible! I tried matched betting a couple of years back and just didn’t stick with it but I know that once you get your head around it, it’s definitely worth a go!

    • katykicker March 8, 2018 / 2:34 pm

      It sure is! Great way to make extra money – tax free!

  3. Starlight and Stories March 4, 2018 / 4:35 pm

    This is really interesting. I’ve read a lot about this but have alwYs been too nervous to give it a try x

    • James Hardy March 5, 2018 / 4:45 pm

      Hey there,

      I run Heads&Heads and I completely understand that the concept can appear very daunting.

      As such, I am more than happy to walk people through the first couple of offers using the sites Live Chat.

      Lost count of the number of times I’ve done this – so you would not be the odd one out when asking for a walk through 🙂

    • katykicker March 8, 2018 / 2:34 pm

      I felt the same before I got started!

    • James Hardy March 5, 2018 / 4:47 pm

      Our Free trial is definitely worth a go 🙂 (if i do say so myself :P)

      You can earn up to £40 from it as well!

    • katykicker March 8, 2018 / 2:36 pm

      It’s a great way to get some extra cash! x

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