Make money selling clothes online (AD)

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AD. Got a wardrobe bursting at the seams? Does your little one have a ton of super cute, fashionable clothes, that they’ve already grown out of? Today, in this collaborative post, I’m going to share with you some ways to make money selling clothes online.

Make money selling clothes online

Take great photographs

Don’t sell your item short. Buy a mannequin, use great natural light and take the best photographs you can. Consider upgrading your camera, or just use a decent smartphone. Maximise items that you already have at home to help with dressing your clothing up.


Don’t just thinking about how to sell clothes think about where. If you’re looking to sell brand new clothes then you could look at somewhere like Shopify. Also, think about WHAT you are going to sell. Even if you just have used items you need to think outside the box – did you know you can even sell smelly shoes on eBay!

Be honest in your description

Try to avoid your buyer having problems. List any marks, tears or bobbling in your descriptions. Ensure that you are being completely honest, and providing photographs of any issues. Give your buyer the best chance to know the full quality of the item that they are going to receive. This should minimise the chance of you having complaints, or having to issue a refund.

Price your items to sell

If you can afford to then look at your competition on selling sites and undercut them slightly. If you price your items to sell then you can get the space in your home back quickly. When you need to find some items to sell in your home then consider looking at my declutter challenge.

Consider using buy it now only

If you’re not in a huge hurry to sell items, and they are in great condition, then consider just using buy it now on selling sites. By listing your items on Buy It Now you can just package them away safely and wait for the sales to roll in. Lots of buyers don’t want to spend days waiting for an auction to end just to see if they have won an item.

You might find a few quick ideas in this video too for other ways to make money:

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