May cashouts

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I hope by sharing my list of May cashouts so far that I will allow regular viewers to find a few new websites to use. Even though I am not yet halfway into the month I have already cashed out from a variety of my favourite websites. I don’t often write lists of my cashouts each week or month, as they can be a bit samey.

Some of the cashouts that I have requested are small amounts because I did a large cashout check at the end of April. Money is money though and I’m still very pleased with my May cashouts so far.

Katykicker’s May Cashouts

So far, since the 1st of May, I have cashed out the following:

£50 YouGov

£40 Onepoll

£30 GlobalTestMarket

£20 OpinionWorld

£55 (ish) TopCashBack

$10 Mintvine

$90  Crowdflower/Clixsense – Read my detailed guide on TMS here.

$75 Gifthulk 

$100 for 2 x webcam focus group (total time 1 hour each) – found via Gifthulk

£50 Swagbucks (Amazon)

£10 i-Say (Amazon)

£12 Mingle (Amazon)

£2 InstaGC (Amazon)

£70 in Amazon vouchers for a focus group (6 activities over 3 weeks – total time 2 hours). Awaiting payment for 3 more totalling over £150! 

Total = Over £500


All of these amounts are cash (cheque, bank transfer or Paypal) unless otherwise stated. The cashouts from InstaGC, i-Say and OpinionWorld were all received within 5 minutes of cashing out.

Not all of these amounts are cashed out weekly, or even monthly, but they still add up to quite a considerable sum. I have LOTS of websites that I cashout from and most weeks I receive at least £200-£300 in cash and vouchers.

I am nearing cashout on both PopulusLive and NewVistaLive too so that will be £100 on the way for next month. I have over £500 sitting on various websites, many of which are near cashout so my May cashouts aren’t finished yet!

I hope that my detailed figures have been useful to someone. I have included links to previous posts that I have wrote on the individual sites too.

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  1. Jules May 13, 2015 / 8:07 am

    I absolutely love your blog, it’s really inspiring. Love seeing how much you cash out as it gives me hope that I might be able to achieve a little of that! Love your bakes too 🙂
    Of course I found you via MSE xx

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