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Mess free messy play with Little Brian Paint Sticks (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted the featured items in exchange for coverage. My little Daisy is quite the artist. She loves colouring, painting, drawing and more. We love to encourage this side of her personality as much as possible, however, I am NOT a lover of the mess. In the last couple of years, I have found a few ways to help curb some of the mess she makes. Firstly we use a tablecloth, a washable one. This protects the dining table, coffee table, or even the floor when Daisy wants to colour. Secondly, we have been using Little Brian Paint Sticks for a good year or so now.

A closer look at the Little Brian Paint Sticks

We love Little Brian Paint Sticks

Paint sticks are so versatile. They can be used for blending, stamping, colour washing, scraping and dotting. At the moment, as a 3-year-old, Daisy mostly just uses them for colouring in an entire piece of paper. It’s great to see her creative skills coming on as she starts to practice shapes, knows all her colours, and generally creates more interesting pieces of artwork.

I love that we don’t need pots full of water, brushes and Daisy doesn’t make all the usual mess of painting with these Little Brian Paint Sticks.

The classic and metallic paint sticks set is a set that we have had a few times now. The paint sticks last for ages, and you can just twist them to get to more paint. These Little Brian Paint Sticks dry in around 60 seconds and I love that it is basically mess-free messy play! You can buy 24 assorted classic and metallic paint sticks for around £14.99, although I have seen them on offer on Amazon a few times now!

Drawing a rainbow with the Little Brian Paint Sticks

The Little Brian Paint Sticks Bucket is an item we haven’t seen before! It is a bucket, filled with paint sticks (20 in total). This bucket is ideal for taking out and about, even out into the garden! You get 20 paint sticks (12 classics, 6 day-glow colours and 2 metallic colours – silver & gold). I personally think this is the perfect mix of paint sticks for little ones and Daisy loved the bucket in particular. It’s great to store the paint sticks and the packaging is made from recyclable plastic too.

Daisy loves drawing!

Chalk paints on the Little Brian Art Station

The last, and quite probably the best, item that Daisy has been sent is this Little Brian Paint Sticks Classic Art Station. Now we already have an easel, so I did worry that we might not have much need for this, however, I was wrong! The classic art station is a double-sided art station, with a whiteboard and chalkboard. Inside the box, you receive 6 classic paint sticks, 6 chalk sticks, 10 sheets of paper and 1 duster. You can use this on a tabletop, coffee table, dining table or even just on the floor if you’re limited on space, like we are. 

The clip holding paper on the Little Brian Art Station

Painting on the Little Brian Art Station

There are a few niggles I have with the Little Brian Art Station. Firstly there is a clip, designed to hold artwork, but you need at least 25 pieces of paper to hold in place, otherwise the clip is redundant. Next up is the blackboard. When you unfold it, and put it into place, the blackboard does sit at an angle, triangle in shape, however, if you press too hard on it then it folds back down flat. The duster that is included isn’t particularly effective and I have found it easier to clean this with a mirofibre cloth and antibacterial spray.

Lots of storage…

Little Brian Art Station StorageHolders on the Little Brian Art Station

The Little Brian Paint Sticks are a great way to enjoy mess-free messy play! Daisy loves them and gets excited every time I get them out of the hall cupboard for her. Personally, I’m a big fan. No water, next to no mess and they seem to fare well when left out without lids on for a couple of hours too! A quick run around on some paper and they come back to work and keep on going for many pages!

Daisy enjoying her Little Brian Art Station

Fancy buying some Little Brian Paint Sticks for your craft-loving little ones?

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*Assorted Paint Sticks / *Mini Paint Sticks / *Bucket of Paint Sticks / *Art Station / *Face Paint Sticks

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Kim Carberry

Thursday 25th of July 2019

The Little Brian Paint Sticks are fab aren't they! My youngest loves them and they are virtually mess free. The Art Station looks like a great idea x


Monday 29th of July 2019

Yeah they really are! x

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