Recently I have been on the lookout for new survey websites. One website that I have come across is MintVine. MintVine is free to join, like almost all of the sites that I write about. Payments are made via Paypal and while I’ve only had one so far it was made promptly. As with most companies there are survey profiles to fill out. It is best to get these done as soon as you join. Survey profiles allow companies to send out relevant surveys and waste less of your time.


Make money with MintVine surveys

If you are disqualified from a survey then you will receive points too. I have already built up 100 points just from this alone. I have been disqualified within 1 or 2 questions of each survey so far. It is nice to earn something for my wasted time.

Once you have completed a survey some of them will move to pending rather than payable. It will tell you, usually, when these points will clear. So far I have found the date to be accurate and the points always clear by the date quoted.

In addition to completing surveys you can earn 5 points for visiting the website each day. There is a daily poll that requires you to answer just one question.

There are also offers you can complete on this website, but I don’t have much experience with these. Most of the offers I have spotted are available elsewhere on other websites. I haven’t compared many of the remunerations but I would check before completing offers that you can’t earn more via Clixsense, Gifthulk or Swagbucks.

Cashout on MintVine

The minimum cashout on MintVine is $10, via Paypal. 1000 points is required to cashout $10.

If you use my link by clicking here then I will receive a 15% bonus for any surveys that you complete. This is at no cost to yourself.

I have had one cashout so far but wanted to write about this while it was fresh in my mind. I received my cashout promptly and I already have points building up for my next one. It is great to be able to earn money for referring friends, particularly as this continues for the lifetime that they are with the site.

If you like paid surveys then why not check out my top 5 favourite survey websites. Also, I have a huge list of ways that I make and save money online.

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Make money with MintVine surveys. Get paid for disqualifications & get paid for completing polls online.

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  1. Emilie May 5, 2015 / 1:56 pm

    Thanks for this, I found your website through TMS and have signed up using your referral 🙂

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