Money-saving benefits of LEDs – are they worth it? (AD)

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AD. I’m a real fan of looking after my money. Whether it is earning an extra pound or saving one I view them much the same. Money is money to me. Sometimes I spend more time than I should on earning money, and sometimes I spend more time than I should saving it too. Despite this I am always looking for new ways that I can make and save money. My home is run quite efficiently, I feel, but there is always some room for improvement. Today I want to talk to you about the money-saving benefits of LEDs and how using the right lighting suppliers can help you save money.

Money-saving benefits of LEDs - are they worth it?

Money-saving benefits of LEDs – They use less energy

With a large portion of your household electricity costs coming from lighting you can make significant savings here. Typically you can save at least 75% using LEDs versus using Halogen bulbs. Per month this amount is going to be fairly small but over the years it can amount to £100s saved.

Money-saving benefits of LEDs – They last longer

If you compare LEDs to Halogen bulbs you can expect the LEDs to last around 25 longer. Sometimes even more! This is just incredible and more than makes up for any difference in price. For me this alone is the best benefit of LEDs. While this is one of the best money-saving benefits of LEDs it is also a time and effort saver. Who can actually be bothered with changing lightbulbs? I know I can’t. Sometimes in my own home a lightbulb blows and it is days before I even get around to buying the right one. Let alone fitting it. Also, I’m only 5 foot 5 so this usually involves standing on a chair. Which isn’t the best idea given that I am accident prone! 

Money-saving benefits of LEDs – Tax benefits for businesses

As well as the above savings, on energy costs and replacement bulb costs, there are other benefits if you are a business too. You may be able to take advantage of HMRC’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) energy scheme. This allows a business to invest in specific energy-saving technologies and then provides tax allowances on all qualifying products. Lighting costs can be as much as 40% of an energy bill for a business so the savings made can be significant. Particularly if you are a start-up.

This can be a fantastic way to reduce energy costs, thus saving money, while also receiving benefits for doing so.

While it there are only a few money-saving benefits of LEDs I think they are worthwhile ones. Firstly any way that you can save money is fantastic. Who doesn’t like money?! Secondly there is also the added benefit of being able to lower your carbon emissions too. Personally I want the planet to be looked after as much as possible, especially now I have a daughter. 

One last benefit of LEDs is that they turn on fast. In our kitchen we have a fluorescent light. An LED means this would turn on faster. I’m super impatient, and often just wanting to grab a drink in the night, so I don’t want to be hanging around. At Christmas time we use LED strip lights and they look so festive and they are so much fun too!

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