Money Talks with Money Saving Girl

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Every Thursday I will be bringing you another instalment of my guest series, Money Talks. I’ll be featuring bloggers from all walks of life giving their answers to money related questions. Hopefully you will find a new blog to read and learn more about other people online. Money Talks will be live every Thursday and I’ve got some absolutely fantastic bloggers taking part! Hope you enjoy it. If you’re a blogger and want to take part then get in touch. This weeks instalment features Money Saving Girl. You can check out the Money Saving Girl website here.

Money Talks with Money Saving Girl

When did you start blogging?

May 2012 but it took off in 2014 after I moved from Birmingham to London and started blogging more frequently.

What inspired your blog name?

I own a blog called SEO Girl, so continuing with this theme seemed to make sense to me, that’s how I reserved Money Saving Girl.

What is your attitude to money – are you a spender or a saver?

Saver, however if I need to buy something expensive I tend to choose quality over the price hence do not mind to spend more than less as I believe often the price justifies better quality of big purchases.

What is the best bargain you have ever purchased?

My motorcycle as it not only saves me a tone of money on commuting to work but is also fun and a huge stress release helper… and when talking about the small purchases a year ago I happened to bay a stunning evening dress for £15 – I dont know its original price- as I bought it in a charity shop,  but I believe it must have been at least £100 if not more. I often save loads on many items when buying from AliExpress.

What is the biggest splurge you have ever made?

Our honeymoon residence as a week of stay in a private villa in the beautiful Koh Samui cost us £1957.41 Of course I coudn’t resist and got £156.59 cashback (using a site called TopCashBack) for this purchase as I did book the villa using Expedia not the resort website…

If you had £100,000 right now what would you do with it?

Invest and gave away some part of it to my family / friends as well as to a charities which I am supporting.

If you could go back 10 years & give yourself one piece of money related advice what would it be?

If you ever decide to go in business with your friend(s) ensure you draft a proper contract in case things don’t go smoothly – clear outline of expertise and partying terms is hugely appreciated in order to protect your finances as well.

What was the last item you purchased?

Last Thursday I bought flight tickets to Poland for Christmas as prices have been rising already… and a few cosmetics from The Body Shop (which I like not only because they often do nice sales) –> I ordered a cream ‘Skin defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50’ and my favourite Matte lipstick (420 Honolulu Pink).

What is your favourite ever blog post?

Hard to pinpoint just one post as I follow many great blogs. In the personal finance sphere it will be your blog alongside Emma’s Drew and John Shed. In the world of SEO it will be Glenn Gabe and SEMrush.

What is your biggest money regret?

Not planning and executing my start up business the way I should as it wasted me about £5k…pricey mistakes were made and what’s worse most of them were avoidable.

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Money talks with Money Saving Girl. A look at the money habits of fellow bloggers.

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