Money Talks with Rachel Bustin

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Every Thursday I will be bringing you another instalment of my guest series, Money Talks. I’ll be featuring bloggers from all walks of life giving their answers to money-related questions. Hopefully, you will find a new blog to read and learn more about other people online. Money Talks will be live every Thursday and I’ve got some absolutely fantastic bloggers taking part! Hope you enjoy it. If you’re a blogger and want to take part then get in touch. This weeks instalment features Rachel Bustin. You can check out the Rachel Bustin website here.

Money Talks with Rachel Bustin

When did you start blogging?

March 2015. I had just gone through my 3rd miscarriage in 2 years and wanted something to take my mind off things and relax. My husband suggested starting a blog, so I did. In those early days I couldn’t write about my miscarriages, so I blogged about the things I liked doing. Reading books, gardening and entering competitions. I started off on blogger with a domain and was happy plodding along. Then a month or so into blogging I got pregnant again and happy to say that my daughter arrived in February 2016.

This leads me onto your next question.

What inspired your blog name?

While I was pregnant I started writing about babies and pregnancy and my blog name didn’t fit at all it was book lover, competition addict and gardening enthusiast. The name makes me cringe now! I couldn’t think of a blog name and it was making me anxious, so my husband suggested using my name. It wasn’t a bad idea as all my social media channels were already Rachel Bustin from my comping days. So, there you have it Rachel Bustin – family lifestyle blog was born.

What is your attitude to money – are you a spender or a saver?

I’m a huge saver, which is good as my husband isn’t! I started working at 15 as a weekend girl in a clothes shop and saved all my wages. I decided uni wasn’t for me so started working properly at 18 and got made a supervisor within a few months. As I was still living at home I saved most of my wages so when my then boyfriend, (now husband) and I were ready to buy a house we had a decent deposit to put down when we were in our middle 20’s. Now we are in our early 30’s, last year we were fortunate enough to sell our house and buy a detached house in a better location. Money – saving is always a top priority for me.

What is the best bargain you have ever purchased?

Oh gosh, there has been many over the years.  One stands to mind. It was a regatta jacket that was priced up as £5 and the shop honoured it as it was their mistake. Obviously, it wasn’t supposed to be £5!

What is the biggest splurge you have ever made?

Buying our house? That is a splurge for me as I don’t tend to splash out. Oh, and buying a new car just before we moved last Summer as mine went wrong and wasn’t worth fixing.

If you had £100,000 right now what would you do with it?

Use some of it to pay off some of our mortgage and take a holiday to Vancouver to see my sister who lives there and put a little away in a savings account for a rainy day.

If you could go back 10 years & give yourself one piece of money related advice what would it be?

Look around at better savings accounts with higher interest rates each year instead of being lazy about it!

What was the last item you purchased?

A pair of unicorn wellies for my daughter from Tesco’s. Her feet are growing so fast! She’s already a size 8 at 23 months old.

What is your favourite ever blog post?

It’s not money related but I wrote a blog post about how babies eyes can change colour and I was wondering if my daughters would. I have brown eyes which are dominant over blue which are my husbands colour. My daughter has his blue eyes and has not changed. It was interesting and fascinating to me.

What is your biggest money regret?

To be honest I can’t think of one. I have always been a frugal person so have always watched my money and what I do with it.

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