Money Talks with Mum On A Budget

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Every Thursday I will be bringing you another instalment of my guest series, Money Talks. I’ll be featuring bloggers from all walks of life giving their answers to money-related questions. Hopefully, you will find a new blog to read and learn more about other people online. Money Talks will be live every Thursday and I’ve got some absolutely fantastic bloggers taking part! Hope you enjoy it. If you’re a blogger and want to take part then get in touch. This weeks instalment features Mum On A Budget. You can check out the Mum On A Budget website here.

Money Talks with Mum On A Budget

When did you start blogging?

I launched my blog in June 2018. I have a creative side that I wasn’t able to unleash in my previous life as an accountant or my current life as a stay at home mum, so I decided a good outlet for my creativity would be to launch a blog. I am loving blogging, I just wish I had started sooner.

What inspired your blog name?

It’s simple really – I blog about being a mum who is sticking to a budget, so hopefully people know what to expect when they visit my blog!

What is your attitude to money – are you a spender or a saver?

I used to be a huge spender, back when I worked outside the home. Since becoming a stay at home mum, I had to dramatically cut my spending and now I love the challenge of figuring out little ways to save money each and every day. I would love to be mortgage-free in the next 10 years – this idea keeps me motivated to never go back to living beyond my means.

What is the best bargain you have ever purchased?

There have been lots over the years, but the most recent one that comes to mind is a lovely Boden dress from a charity shop for £5. I love looking around charity shops, there are always bargains to be had.

What is the biggest splurge you have ever made?

Probably getting artificial grass installed in our back garden. It was very expensive but it has changed our life in terms of how much more the kids are able to play outside (it rains all the time here in Scotland which means real grass gets muddy very easily).

If you have £100,000 right now what would you do with it?

I would spend half of it on an extension for the house (I would love a huge master bedroom with a walk in wardrobe) and the other half would go towards paying off the mortgage. I would hold back a couple of thousand for a family holiday.

If you could go back 10 years & give yourself one piece of money related advice what would it be?

You don’t need so much stuff… you will be so much happier once you learn to live minimally. Also, there is a lot of truth in the saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’.

What was the last item you purchased?

An Ikea Kallax storage unit for our bedroom. We have so many Kallax units now (7 and counting) but they are so useful, especially for storing kids’ toys.

What is your favourite ever blog post?

I wish my guide to two-under-two essentials had been around when my son was born just 20 months after my daughter.

What is your biggest money regret?

I used to have a really bad habit of buying clothes online and then being too lazy or too forgetful to return them if I didn’t like them. I dread to think how much money I wasted.
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Money Talks with Mum On A Budget. A look at the money habits of fellow bloggers.

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