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Review: Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted the products featured in this post in exchange for honest coverage. Daisy is a lover of Moshi Monsters, although until recently she has only played with them at my Mum’s house. There she has a HUGE metal tin of Moshi Monsters and spends hours playing with them. She knows lots of the names, makes up little stories with them and it’s frankly amazing the amount of enjoyment that she gets from this one tiny metal tin! We have been sent the Moshi Monsters egg hunt products and I’m going to unbox them and tell you more about them.

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Collection

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt 1 Pack

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt 1 Pack

These single packs come with one coloured egg and hidden inside is a 1 Moshling and a Collector’s Guide. This shows you the rarity of the Moshling that you have received inside.

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt


*1 Pack Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt 4 Pack

Moshi Monsters 4 Pack

In this 4 pack you receive 1 hidden egg Moshling and 3 Moshlings that are already clear to see. These are part of the 40+ Moshlings there are to collect and on the back you can check out how rare they are.


*4 Pack Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt 7 Pack

Next up we’ve opened up the 7 egg hunt pack. Like the single pack you receive 7 Moshlings but this time you only receive 2 hidden egg Moshlings. There are 40+ Moshlings to collect and they range in rarity from common to rare then ultra rare and even a couple of limited edition ones.


*7 Pack Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters Monster Pack with 17 Moshlings

Moshi Monsters Monster Pack

This set comes with 2 hidden egg Moshlings and 15 Moshlings that are already unwrapped. You can see 8 of them and then there are 7 more hiding within the packaging and 2 hiding in eggs.

A look at the Monster Pack of Moshi Monsters

A look at the Moshi Monsters


*17 Pack Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Blingo’s Party House

Blingos Party House Playset Boxed

When you’re building your Moshi Monsters collection this party house is perfect for enjoying all of your Monsters in. There are some great features such as a cute egg chair, a fun trapdoor and even a super slide to leave Blingo’s Party House in style. The window revolves and there are reusable magic stickers and a disco door. This set comes with an exclusive Blingo Moshling too!

A look at Blingo's Party House


*Blingo’s House

Daisy has been a fan of Moshi Monsters already. She was hyped to get home from Nursery and see so many toys to unbox! I love that there are eggs for her to open, and surprises waiting inside. Also, I thought the packaging was pretty good with there being some hidden characters in the monster pack. Having just a few eggs makes them special. It also means there is a lot less waste with these toys, which I like.

Daisy got a fantastic mix of rare, ultra rare and common toys which I was really pleased about. I love that you can buy these in a 1 pack OR a huge 17 pack, depending on the budget that you have available. Often when we are out shopping I will pick Daisy up a single item, to keep her happy while I do my shopping. These are reasonably priced with an of just £2.79.

As you can see quite a few of the toys within the packaging, before you purchase, it is easy to look out for specific Moshlings that your little one may be wanting to collect.

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Codes

Every product that I’ve featured above comes with a secret code inside, that allows you to get free in-game gifts for the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt game. I think this is fantastic value, as even the cheapest items will give you something in game!

Get out the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt range now:

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