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Mothercare Parenting Event review

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Today I am going to share with you my Mothercare Parenting Event review. Selected Mothercare stores across the UK hold fairly regular Mothercare Parenting Events and they are free to attend. I was quite early in my pregnancy, around 3-4 months I believe when I attended. My Mothercare Parenting Event review would definitely be a favourable one and I am going to share a little with you about what to expect.

When we arrived, at 6 pm, after the store was ‘closed’ to the public, we gave our names. We were crossed off of a list, handed a goodie bag and told that we were in group 1. There were 3 groups in total and the idea was that each of the groups would rotate around the different talks that they had going on throughout the evening. This meant that there would be chairs for everyone and each of the talks would have a similar amount of people per session.

The three areas that they talked about in the chats were sleeping safety/nursery furniture, car seat safety/fitting and pushchair/pram choices. We chose to attend the sleep safety talk, to look at nursery furniture first. We were then ushered along the car seat safety demonstration. Each of these talks was about 10-15 minutes and there was a chance to speak with staff about any questions that you may have had.

I must say that the chats were interesting and informative. Despite this I was feeling a little unwell by the third chat, about pushchairs/prams, so decided to give this a miss. We waited until after the chat had finished and then we went over to see what pram choices there were. This was ideal as it meant that we got one on one time with the staff and they were only too happy to answer our questions.

Mothercare Parenting Event review – the goodie bag!

I must admit that this is one of the reasons that I wanted to go. The goodie bag did not disappoint. We received lots of small individual sized freebies (Nappies, creams, products for Mum etc) but best of all there was a 10% off Mothercare voucher. Ours had about 3-4 weeks on the expiry date and did not have to be used on the night. This was ideal as it allowed us to go away, with all the information that we gained, and return at a later date.

I would say that there were about 100 people at the event, if not more. It did not feel cramped or overcrowded at all. There was also free food and drink on offer. There were lots of options with fruit, snacks, various drinks and more on offer. As I have been suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum throughout my pregnancy I wasn’t keen on anything but my husband enjoyed a drink and a snack. This was a lovely touch.

In our local store, we had Mothercare staff, an expert from Cybex and also representatives from other brands too. This meant that there was someone on hand to answer basically any question that we had. It was also possible to receive measurements for nursing bras and talk to a breastfeeding expert too.

Mothercare Parenting Event review

Overall I was really pleased that we attended this event. Our local store is well laid out and there were ample chairs to be able to sit down, together with my husband, for each of the chats. I felt that we learned small amounts from each of the talks, despite the fact that I would have said that I was already quite knowledgeable before we attended.

The staff had plenty of time for questions and we ended up being one of the last couples to leave. We didn’t actually buy a lot at the event, despite some special offers, but we did return and spend another few hours in store. During this next trip we tried out car seats and travel systems. We also discussed breastfeeding and I was able to ask lots of questions. I felt that the staff members were very knowledgeable and I also sent a message to Mothercare to let them know about the great service I received. I have seen the same member of staff in store 3 times now and each time she has been polite, friendly and efficient.

When it came to choosing our car seat, in particular, this was a bit of a nightmare. It turned out that a lot of the standard car seats wouldn’t fit in our car but the assistant that we dealt with in-store was happy to continue trying seats until she found something that was the perfect fit for us. We left feeling safe and confident, also we didn’t feel that there was a hard sell at all, on any of the occasions that we visited Mothercare.

If you are finding yourself wondering if you should book a slot then I hope my Mothercare Parenting Event review has been helpful. We received great help in the store and the event was well run, efficient and organised. There was no pressure to attend any of the different talks and we were able to ask as many questions as we wanted afterwards. Despite the staff clearly working outside of their normal hours it did not feel like we were putting anyone out at all and it left us feeling confident in our parenting decisions too.

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