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Mother’s Day Gift Guide (AD)

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It is hard to believe that I am already about to celebrate my 6th Mother’s Day! This year I’m now a Mum of two daughters, after being pregnant this time last year. Life feels very exciting, busy and happy!

The wants and needs that I have now, as Mum to a 6-year-old, and almost 1-year-old, have changed considerably. Self-care as a parent is more important to me than ever. I want to share with you some of the items that I’ve been loving recently, to give you some inspiration for your own Mum. We were gifted the items featured within this gift guide in exchange for coverage.

Roccabox gift set with overnight retinol serum, body oils, bath soak, pillow spray and mural AHA exfoliating cleanser in a pink box with pink tissue paper and yellow daffodils in the background

Just about every Mum probably deserves a HUGE pamper at the moment! The concept of Roccabox is that you sign up for a 3-month subscription, for just £42, and every month you’ll receive a beauty box filled with lots of amazing products.

Each box is different, and has a selection of curated products that are designed to help with enjoying more self care, pampering your skin or just smelling great! This is great if you want to give the gift of pampering, but on a longer lasting basis.

Green and Blacks chocolate gift set with 4 full size chocolate bars (white, dark, milk and 'Love you Mum' themed) and then two mini bars (dark 70% and butterscotch) with a Green & Black's Organic box and daffodils alongside

For the Mum who loves an organic chocolate treat this Green & Black’s Mother’s Day chocolate gift is perfect! It comes with personalised milk ‘Love you Mum’ chocolate, an Organic Treat Collection with mini bars, dark and white chocolate bars! It comes in a Green and Black’s recycled gift box too and is the ideal gift if you can’t see your Mum this Mother’s Day as it can be posted out for you.

Voucher Express gift card alongside daffodils

If you ask most Mums what they want for Mother’s Day they’ll probably say that they don’t need anything. The VEX Gift Certificate from Voucher Express is the great way to gift Mum something she will actually use!

This is such a versatile gift voucher and can be used to exchange for so many companies, including John Lewis & Partners, Marks & Spencer, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys and more! 

Cadbury chocolate Mother's Day gift set featuring Cadbury roses, a voile bag of Cadbury individual chocolate bars (double decker, wipe, twirl, dairy milk marvellous creations) and a bar of chocolate that says 'Love you Mum' and daffodils alongside

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat on a special occasion? We’re big lovers of chocolate in this house, and this Cadbury Mother’s Day Treasure box is perfect. It comes packaged up, in a bold iconic Cadbury purple box, and is a complete gift in a box!

This gift comes with Cadbury chocolate, Cadbury roses and individual chocolate bars in a purple bag. This is another great gift for posting out if you can’t see your Mum in person this Mother’s Day.

Isle of Arran sense of scotland home fragrance gift set in bergamot & geranium scents with daffodils in the background

For the Mum who loves to have a delightful smelling home this Bergamot & Geranium fragrance gift set from Arran is perfect.

Arran Sense of Scotland brings one of their best selling fragrances in both candle and reed diffuser form in this fantastic gift set. The reed diffuser comes with natural wood reeds to help enjoy the scent around the whole room. This is quite a delicate scent and works so well in living areas.

Spice Kitchen Indian Spice tin with a scarf around the outside alongside daffodils

I absolutely LOVE Spice Kitchen and have gifted their lovely sets to multiple people in my family. This set is absolutely stunning! It is an Indian Spice Tin, with a beautiful silk sari wrap around the outside.

Not only can your Mum cook delicious tasty meals using the 9 fragrant spices within the tin, but the silk sari wrap is absolutely beautiful too and brings a little extra specialness to this gift.

Three pairs of burlington socks in purple, pink and grey with daffodils in the background

For me gifting is about helping your loved one feel comfortable, and happy. I love to give gifts that help people to enjoy their home environment, and perhaps have a little more comfort in their day.

These socks, from Burlington, are absolutely wonderful. Super soft, in a variety of lovely patterns, some with a retro feel such as the Whitby collection, that your Mum is sure to love! These socks can help to make a fashion statement, or just be a little more comfortable when relaxing at home, something which my own Mum does a lot these days after illness.

Toff London watch with gold detailing and hearts with daffodils in the background

If you’re looking for a statement piece then this ladies red and grey heart watch from Toff London is perfect.

Available with a stainless steel or leather strap this hard-wearing 38mm metal case watch is perfect for your Mum. Hand assembled and with a 2 year warranty guarantee, and optional case back engraving available, makes this the perfect statement piece to let your Mum know how much you love her and to provide a little longevity to her gift.

Lyonsleaf face and body natural skincare set with daffodils in the background

The face & body natural skincare set from Lyonsleaf is fantastic for a pampering treat. Containing a 30ml body butter, 30ml beauty balm, face flannel and muslin face cloth. Everything that your Mum will need to pamper herself and the cloths are reusable too.

The body butter is designed to moisturise and nourish the skin while the beauty balm will cleanse, exfoliate AND hydrate skin.

A Plantsmiths houseplant care gift set with fortifying houseplant tonic and perfecting houseplant care mist in trigger bottles in a cardboard gift box with daffodils in the background

For the plant lover in your life you’ll be sure to find lots of fantastic gifts from Plantsmith. First up we’ve got this fantastic houseplant care gift set. This contains a feed & tonic bottle and a bottle of perfecting houseplant care mist. Ideal for the plant lover in your life who takes joy from tending to their houseplants.

A Plantsmiths houseplant cleanse and shine set with cleansing cloth and beautifying leaf shine spray in a trigger bottle with daffodils in the background

Another wonderful gift for the plant lover in your life is this leaf shine gift set. Perfect for shining up the larger leaves of plants while removing dust and grime and strengthening the leaves too.

This gift set is perfect for your Mum if she is a fan of having a clean and tidy home, perhaps with plants as a focal point.

St Moritz tan & glow gift set with medium tanning mousse, takeaway tan remover scrub and a tanning mitt alongside daffodils

For the self tan fan in your life this Tan & Glow from St. Moriz is the perfect gift. This set contains a 200ml medium tanning mousse, a 200ml takeaway tan remover scrub in and a tanning mitt. Perfect for the sun kissed look worshipper who wants to look after their skin and stay out of the sun.

Love Leggings wild leg lounge trousers in grey and pink with daffodils alongside

I, like most people, have been spending more time at home in the last year or two, and so being comfortable in my clothes has become even more important. I’ve chose these wide leg lounge trousers, from Love Leggings, for my girls to gift to me.

They are super soft, comfortable, have a nice high rise waistband AND pockets. Perfect! Great for relaxing at home, or even wearing on the school run.

Echor sleep candle alongside daffodils on a yellow backdrop

I’ve featured Echor products in a gift guide in the past, and have since purchased as a gift for a loved one too. I LOVE the quality of their products, and knowing that I’m supporting a small, independent brand that launched during lockdown.

This Echor sleep end of day candle, is perfect for lighting when winding down for the evening. Personally I light it on a Sunday evening when I’m setting my intentions for the week ahead, reflecting on the week gone by and taking stock of my life. I love the scent, it’s really long lasting, and powerful without being overpowering. Also, this is vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly too.

5 VeganBunny candles in a variety of scents including lavender, ginger & lemongrass and chai latte with daffodils in the background

I feel like candles are almost always a winner when it comes to gift giving. I personally LOVE to receive a candle.

Vegan Bunny offer a range of handmade candles that are plastic free, zero waste, cruelty-free, Vegan, made with 100% natural ingredients AND most importantly they smell amazing! My favourite is the lavender soy candle, which I love to light when I’m winding down before bed in the evening. Check out the bestseller candles set if you want to get a trio of delightful candles but save a little money too.

I absolutely love gifting experience days, hotel stays and days out to my loved ones. Knowing that my ‘person’ will get a day away from everything, or perhaps an overnight break, fills my heart!

This Deluxe Gourmet Escape box from Buy A Gift can be redeemed for one of 460 stays, and they include a hotel stay, dinner and breakfast. The perfect gift that also comes with food – lovely!

The innoteck air fryer with rotisserie and dehydrating settings. The air fryer has 3 metal racks inside and a digital display that shows different types of meat, fish, fries and cake icons

If your Mum loves to cook then she’ll LOVE this air fryer from Innoteck. It comes complete with air fryer, dehyrator and rotisserie settings. It is great for making air fryer chips, air fryer cajun chicken, air fryer apple chips and MUCH more!

Silver Inscripture bracelet with a T engraved on a heart hanging from the necklace. This is on a yellow backdrop with the box and a black foam insert holding the bracelet in place

This personalised silver popcorn bracelet, from Inscripture, makes the perfect gift for Mother’s Day and beyond!

It’s really easy to slip on and tighten up by yourself, so ideal for Mums who are often getting ready alone, or perhaps only have little ones at home, but still want to wear something that makes them feel connected to loved ones and happy.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.