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Moving my baby to a toddler bed

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My daughter Daisy is almost two. I cannot believe how fast the past two years have gone by. The first years of your child’s life are filled with so many milestones from the first smile to the first tooth and for us now – first time sleeping in a big bed! It feels like yesterday I was talking about the new baby sleep essentials!

Making the decision around moving my baby to a toddler bed was something that I debated about for a while. I was wondering how we would know when the time was right. I didn’t want to move Daisy too early and have weeks and weeks of sleepless nights.

I also didn’t want to risk moving my baby to a toddler bed too late and have her fall out of her cot and have an accident. So recently, as Daisy turned 22 months we moved her to a toddler bed.

Before moving my baby to a toddler bed we had to move our bedroom around a little. As we are still in our one-bedroom flat, until later this year, we have had to make the best of the space that we have.

The Owlet Smart Sock 3 sock and base station

By moving our turtle into our living room, and moving the chest of drawers around in our bedroom we made enough room for Daisy’s new toddler bed. We made sure to *fix the chest of drawers to the wall as now there was enough room for it to potentially topple over. 

Daisy’s cot has been sent off for recycling, as it was in a very, very sorry state between all the non-stop vomiting from her FPIES and her using her teeth to chew the ends of the cot! Also, if we have another baby I want a completely different style of cot so I wasn’t worried about holding on to it.

A television showing a fireplace scene, rocking horse, turtle tank, dvd tower and TV cabinet.

We got Daisy a new toddler bed, toddler pillow, toddler sized duvet and a cute toddler bedding set. We were just able to squeeze her bed it down near the foot of our bed.

This means that Daisy can see our bed from her bed, and she finds this comforting as she is used to overlooking her Daddy at night from her cot.

How was it moving my baby to a toddler bed?

The first night was absolutely fine. Daisy was so tired, after a morning at Nursery and a busy afternoon, that she went off to sleep well.

Night two was not quite as good. Daisy got out of bed a few times and cried. I decided to do something I don’t usually do and I relaxed at the bottom of our bed, so she could see me, and stretched my hand out to hold her hand. This calmed her down considerably and within 20 minutes she was asleep.

After night two we had four nights where Daisy went off to sleep nicely but then woke up around 10-11pm. I just embraced this as part of the change of moving my baby to a toddler bed and I let her get out of bed for a cuddle.

Two of the days we cuddled on the sofa and two we cuddled in our bed together. Daisy doesn’t usually like laying in bed with us, as she’s so full of energy, so this was a lovely change.

Daisy has become scared of the dark (despite sleeping in the dark since birth) and so we have started to use both the light from our Summer Infant Video Monitor and from a *Calpol plugin.

This seemed to calm Daisy and it also means that I can see to sneak past her bed at night, to climb into bed.

Me looking at the camera outside and text overlay that says my first year as a parent

So far it has gone rather well for us. Moving my baby to a toddler bed has been fantastic for Daisy. She has taken to it well, and quickly.

We have quickly got used to having her roam around the bedroom with us and fortunately, we already had a stair gate fitted.

This means that Daisy can’t leave the bedroom without us, or cause too much mischief around our home!

Daisy seems really proud in her new bed and besides a few issues with nap avoidance at lunchtime I’ve been really happy with how well she has transitioned.

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Moving my baby to a toddler bed. Find out how it went when we moved our toddler to her own bed, from a cot

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