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Learning to love my Mum body (AD)

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When we first started trying to have a baby, many years ago now, what my Mum body would look like was the least of my concerns. I was focused on having a baby. Then it took us 7 long years before we finally conceived Daisy. During that time I still didn’t worry about how I would look.

Then during my pregnancy I would regularly think that my body wasn’t great before I got pregnant so I just wasn’t worried. Then I started to lose weight, around 2 stone while pregnant, and still I didn’t think that my Mum body would be any different. I was SO wrong.

Learning to love my Mum body

I ended my pregnancy thinner than I was before having my second daughter but the rest of my body really changed. My shape is different and even my shoe size has gone up!

I had lovely shoes and even high heels, none of which fit me any longer. This means that my old faithful clothes, and my all time favourite green heels, no longer fit me.

Rather than dwelling on this I decided to make a change, have a clear out and treat myself to a nice new wardrobe of shoes and clothes. There is NO point trying to squeeze myself into clothes that don’t fit me, shoes that are too tight or even baggier items that just don’t suit the style I want to wear now.

It has been a long process but I am really starting to learn to love my Mum body more. Yes, my shape is different, yes my style has changed, but actually I’m happier now than I have ever been.

I have accepted that my Mum body is a different one to the one I had before my daughter was born and that has been great for me mentally. I’m feeling very happy and I have started to shop for nicer clothes and underwear too.

I’ve been making some small changes, which have definitely helped me mental health. I aim to exercise several times a week now, at least, and try to eat healthier food to give my body the energy it needs for busy days.

I think there is nothing wrong with changing something if you are unhappy. In recent years I have changed my job, we have changed our circle of friends and we feel happier as a result.

Thomas and me looking into the camera wearing coats outside with text overlay that says self-care as a parent

I have also been taking care of my physical health more, and spending a little money in this area too. Regular haircuts, pedicures and services from Auris Ear Care have all helped me to feel more like myself. Also, using a good DIY hair detangler spray before I brush my hair is helpful too.

Now that I have come to terms with my Mum body, and started to love it, I have been updating my wardrobe. I finally sold off my old, some unworn, expensive shoes and I have been treating myself to new clothes recently.

I’ve even started to wear a few dresses, mostly just around the house because we are here so much at the moment!

It is fair to say that I am in a good place. I’m feeling positive and have learned to love myself more than ever. I carried babies, and what a privilege that is!

I’m a little wobblier in places now than I was before. So what?! I’ve got a Mum body. I’m proud of myself and the person that I have become as a result of having my daughter. My pregnancy was a difficult one, like a lot of women experience I’m sure.

It has left me wondering if I will be strong enough, mentally and physically, to have another baby. I’m hopeful that the future will be kind to us and once again I will learn to love my Mum body all over again.

If you’re struggling with your Mum body then have you considered telephone counselling? BetterHelp has an array of great services they offer, with therapists available on your schedule, online, at pretty reasonable prices.

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