Musclefood – Is it worth the hype?

Musclefood – is it worth the hype? Firstly, let me start by saying YES! I have been hearing about Musclefood for months now and have been contemplating trying their products for several months. I finally bit the bullet and received my first delivery in mid December.

A number of large meal planning groups have been advertising Musclefood amazing new customer offers for almost as long as I can remember. This seems like a great recommendation for me so I decided to try some of their fantastic products for myself. Today I am going to talk you through some of the products that I received and what to expect from Musclefood.

Who are Musclefood?

Musclefood are an online butchery that specialise in high quality, high protein meat. Their slogan is ‘premium nutrition for healthy living’ and they really do deliver. Their meat is trimmed of excess fat, has no added salt or water and is even better value than meat on offer in supermarkets. When you consider that the quality is vastly better than most supermarket meat, in my opinion at least, it is really worth checking their website out.

You can have your food delivered, on a day that suits you, and you can even order in advance and pay on despatch. This is fantastic for meal planning and really helps when working out the household food budget for the month.

How will fresh items be posted to me?

My delivery was received, on the stated day, via Parcelforce. I was advised of a tracking number for my order late in the evening of the night before delivery, which was reassuring.

A large cardboard box arrived and within that my goods were packed in a large insulated jiffy bag style packet. In this the meat was all individually packaged, and labelled. Everything had a date on it, including when it was frozen (if applicable) and when it should be used by. There were sachets of a gel type product to keep the items chilled/frozen and this had worked perfectly despite my order not coming until the afternoon.

The packaging was ideal and I felt confident that my meat had been well protected and kept to the applicable temperature. I am quite fussy about health and safety and was not worried at all.

Delivery is £4.95, however if you spend £75 or more they will deliver your goods completely free. This applies even if your order is made up solely of special offers which gives you fantastic value for money.

Musclefood - is it worth the hype?

How is the quality of their meat?

Above is a selection of the goods that we received. As you can see the items are individually packaged, rather than being lumped together. This made it easy for me to open the packets and divide up the meat ready for planning meals in the coming days and weeks.

As part of my order I received chicken breast fillets. These come in large packets (such as 2.5 or 5kg) so I worked on dividing up the fillets. The quality of the chicken breasts looked good and I could see no blood, fat or sinew in the meat, which was a great start.

Was the food tasty?

When it came to cooking the meat I must admit I was unsure what to expect. However when I cooked plain chicken breasts, for a salad, they were absolutely delicious. They did not dry out in the oven and they were not pumped full of water either. We have since used the chicken breasts for a number of meals and I’ve been really pleased to see that they have not watered down sauces in the slow cooker like the supermarket ones I was buying before.

The beef products, particularly the hache steaks, are absolutely delicious. There is a very low amount of fat in the meatballs, mince and the hache steaks which makes for a lean and healthy dinner. We had some of the large meatballs and two was more than enough for each person which makes them fantastic value for money.

We have tried approximately 12 or 13 different meat products so far and have had no complaints about the quality. Each of the items has been well made, well packaged and most importantly tastes delicious. Because they are not packed with water or other fillers they stretch further than many of the meat products from supermarkets, which are often full of water, salt and other fillers.

Protein products

Musclefood are known for selling lots of high protein products. So far we have tried the Prutella chocolate spread, protein pizzas, protein pancakes, protein bars (cookies & cream are amazing!) and lovely protein pralines.

I can eat a treat, if I feel up to it, without worrying about pumping my body full of sugar and other nasties. I have also found the protein foods to be lovely and filling, which is another advantage. These products have helped me to eat better, and healthier.

My husband was really pleased with the quality of the protein foods that he tried. The protein pizza was a particular favourite. The ingredients were high quality. The pizza cooked well and it tasted delicious too. It had lots of flavour to it, much more than a normal frozen pizza. We will definitely be buying these in the future. One pizza served two of us comfortably, with salad. It made for a really enjoyable treat.

New customer offers / weekly special offers

Every week there is a fantastic new offer from Musclefood and you can also benefit from an amazing offer using my unique link. Musclefood will add 4 free chicken breasts, a free loaf of protein bread, two beef hache steaks, a free protein pizza or one of several other freebies just for using code KS299267 when you checkout. The minimum spend for this offer is just £25 and it is open to new members.

New customers can also take part in a fantastic deal where you receive £144.60 of Musclefood meat for just £75.00. This can be used with the above code. Also, this will bag you free delivery too. This is a fantastic deal and will stock your freezer up with a whole host of goodies.

Would I recommend Musclefood?

Absolutely! I have been thrilled with the quality of the meat and the delivery was fantastic too. By using freezer bags I was able to portion up the chicken breasts. Because of the size I have portioned some individually. They have been big enough to serve two for a curry, pie or slow cooker dinner. My meal planning has been fantastic over the last few weeks. I’ve got several more weeks worth of meat already prepared in the freezer.

Thank you to the lovely folks at Musclefood for sending me a selection of their fantastic goodies for free. I’ve already got my next order planned as I have loved the quality. If you’re interested in ordering from Musclefood use my unique link today. You can to get yourself some fantastic special offers and even a freebie or two!

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Musclefood: Is it worth the hype? Save money by buying meat in bulk with online butchery Musclefood

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  1. Rachel Cooper April 3, 2016 / 4:01 pm

    Thanks for sharing this – I was talking about this to my mum and my mums friend a couple of hours ago. We had heard of Muscle Foods but were unsure about it because we don’t know anyone who has tried them before, so this is really useful – we will definitely be trying them soon!

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