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Must have Christmas gifts (AD)

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Christmas time is well on its way! I’m a BIG lover of trying to find just the right gift and so I’ve got a wide variety of lovely gifts to recommend to you today. Many of which I think are must have Christmas gifts! Be sure to check out my Christmas gift guide for 3 year olds, and for 7 year olds while you’re here if they’re relevant.

Joby Podzilla Beauty Set Magsafe

Whether you want to choose a gift for the content creator in your life, or just want to take better quality photos and videos yourself, the Joby Beamo MagSafe Podzilla Beauty Kit is absolutely fantastic. 

A flexible tripod with a phone mount and a portable MagSafe ring light to help you take perfect well-lit photographs with ease. You can adjust the legs on the tripod to get the perfect angle and you can use the light for both selfie and rear facing cameras thanks to the brilliant flippable design. There are even 4 different levels of brightness helping you light your videos and photographs with ease. 

Social Dining Banquet Experience for Two at Restaurant OXA by Andrew Sheridan and Jake Smith

We are big fans of gifting experiences and as a household with no evening childcare I’ll be gifting Thomas a nice stay in a hotel. A two night stay at Manor of Groves will be the perfect way for Tom to recharge, recuperate and have some much needed rest from our little ones for a night or two as well.

I love packages like this from Buyagift as you often can opt to have breakfast, dinner or even usage of spa facilities.

Montragon HELLY TECH® Waterproof Hiking Boots from Helly Hansen

These Montragon HELLY TECH® Waterproof Hiking Boots are perfect for long mountain hikes. These boots are made partially from recycled materials and have quick dry and seam-shield technologies to help keep your feet dry and comfortable regardless of the weather. 

With Infinity Fit you can be sure of a comfortable fit, great stability and protection from the elements even on longer walks or hikes. The toe and heel areas have great protection and they offer superior traction on any terrain. While these are perfect for hikes and treks they are also great for staying stable on wet dog walks or while exploring nature in your local area. Perfect for the outdoors lover in your family. 

Puro adult headphones

Puro Sound Labs have a range of stunning headphones and their new PuroPro offer studio grade audio quality, with a listening experience that is both high quality and healthy for the ears too. Puro Sound Labs are on a mission to help protect consumers’ hearing and these headphones are volume limited to 85 dB for up to 8 hours per day, and up to 95 dB for up to 50 minutes per day. 

These *wireless Bluetooth headphones are lightweight, foldable, have a matching carrying case (hard covered) and are ideal for travel with battery life of up to 28 hours of playtime and 300 hours of standby time. 

Made by Coopers vanilla rose bath salts

For me bath salts are a real classic Christmas gift. They are delightful and I really never tire of pouring them under running water.

This nourishing bath salt blend contains Vanilla and Ylang Ylang essential oils and is designed to help you rejuvenate the skin while relaxing and unwinding. It contains real rose petals and sweet vanilla aromas too. 

Curlicue wrapping paper with matching twine and gift tag

If you’re going for a luxury look and feel for your gifts this year then you will not be disappointed with wrapping paper from Curlicue. These wrapping paper sets are made from 100% recycled paper, using vegetable ink. They are fully recyclable and plastic-free. Best of all this wrapping paper is made in the UK and you can buy matching tags, twine and eco-tape for all your wrapping needs.

I love the Stars at Dusk and Bauble Noire designs in particular and I really feel that you can just tell the quality of this wrapping paper the moment you open a box and they even have a fantastic section on their website full of gift wrapping tips

The Botanist Flat Beaded Headband from Vendula London

This stunning Botanist Flat Beaded Headband is made from lovely purple glass beards, and has lovely details such as green leave, purple flowers and little potion bottles. They even have a matching scarf and bag too!

Monogamy board game

What better way to save “I love you” than with the fantastic, fun couples game *Monogamy. Billed as being ‘A hot affair… with your partner” there are 400+ seductive suggestions at three different intimacy levels designed to help you recreate the sexual tension of when you first met and bring a little bit of spice into your at home date nights.

Over 2,500 positive reviews on Amazon can’t be wrong and this great game is designed to push you beyond your comfort zone and into trying new, exciting and fun things with your partner. 

The Secret Life of Clutter book from Helen Sanderson

Helen Sanderson, author of The Secret Life of Clutter, has been helping people to clear and organise their homes for 15 years now. 

Helen works to help people transform their spaces, through decluttering, working on the mindset required to maintain a home that supports future growth and development without feeling overwhelming. Helen’s book is a must read for anyone looking to transform their space and make their home feel more refreshed and relaxing to live in. 

People in their element book from Yvonne Guenineau

The career professional in your life, who wants to build more positive working relationships, will love People In Their Element

This is an ideal book for anyone in a management role that will help you to understand the mindset around relationships, how the past affects your interactions and better ways to communicate with people. It is packed full of helpful tips, exercises and examples to help create positive and collaborate workplace relationships. 

Moshulu Slippers

For me winter is all about wrapping up warm, being snug and cosy too. These Moshulu Tiree sheepskin mule slippers are available in a variety of colours, including petal pink, tan, indigo, purple and slate in sizes from 3-8 with a selection of half sizes available.

These have super cosy collars and soft sheepskin uppers. The soles are lightweight with soft steps and they are fantastic for wearing around the house to keep cosy, warm and be comfortable too. 

Von Haus Heated throw blanket in pink

Snuggling up with a hot chocolate, a good book and a candle lit is one of my favourite evening activities during the colder months. This pink heated throw blanket, from VonHaus, is perfect to stay warm AND save money on heating costs

This plush pink heated throw blanket has a remote, so you can control it from the comfort of your chair, which comes with nine different temperature settings so you can find the perfect toasty level for your needs. There is even a timer, to make sure it turns off if you forget about it, and the double flannel with a fleece lining makes this soft, comfortable and perfect for cosy evenings. It even comes in a gift box, ready for gifting to your loved one!

Christmas Tree Duvet Set from Catherine Lansfield

If you’re looking to gift festive bedding, that isn’t just suitable for Christmas itself, this stunning Christmas tree bedding set from Catherine Lansfield is perfect. This is a stunning deep green and one of the softest sets of bedding I’ve ever slept under thanks to the warm sherpa fabric on the underneath side. 

Available in double, kingsize and super kingsize with matching pillowcases provided. You can either purchase a throw or filled cushion to really elevate your space. 

Yonex badminton set

If you’re fortunate to be having a family Christmas this badminton set is a great way to get people out in the garden, or even a local park, for some competitive game time. This badminton set comes with net, posts, 4 rackets and 2 shuttlecocks. It has a carry case and is perfect for use in the garden or even when holidaying at leisure parks. 

Tile Pro and Tile Mate

We all have that loved one who loses things constantly. In my home it is me! The Tile Mate, and Tile Pro, are designed to help with finding everyday items such as bags, keys and more. There is a free app you can use and you just attach this to your item of choice and then you can locate it with ease. 

A Bluetooth range of up to 250 foot makes this great for finding items in your home, car or at a friend’s house. This can even be used with Alexa, Google and Siri. 

Beat Blast game

Beat Blast, the rhythm game, is going to be a huge hit in my home this Christmas. A competitive fast-paced music game where you have five levels of difficulty and 5 different types of music including EDM and hip hop.

Players have to slash, swipe, bash and jab to score the most points. You can play in solo or party mode and challenge your friends to see who is the ultimate champion. 

Joking Hazard offensive card game

This game, *Joking Hazard, which is NOT safe for kids (or work!), is brought to you by the minds behind the webcomic Cyanide & Happiness. You’ll need 3+ players for this and will compete to build both funny and absolutely terrible comics. 

With 360 panel cards, and 10 where you can add your own words, there are millions of different combinations that can be created. 

If your family is one with dark humour then they may find this game absolutely hilarious. If they’re easily shocked then you may want to save this for nights with your friends. 

Spin Party Board Game

Giving the wrong answer can STILL make you a winner in *SpinParty. This is a fantastic trivia game that is played in rounds, with individual players or teammates taking turns as the SpinMaster reads out questions and a unique rotating game board. Anyone can bluff in this game and still end up as the winner! 

Secret Identity board game

*Secret Identity, the game, is designed for 3-8 players, ages 10+, and is a great fun mystery game. Each person is trying to guess the character card that everyone has ben assigned, including their own, and after four rounds the player with the most points is the winner. 

This is a great fun game, that is relatively quick, easy to understand and perfect for family game nights over the festive season.

Drags 2 Riches board game

Fans of Ru Paul’s Drag Race will love this Drags 2 Riches game. This is a deck building card game that you can play with 2-5 players and it takes around 30-45 minutes making it ideal for enjoying with family or friends over the Christmas period.

You choose from one of the repertoire of amazing characters, all with their own unique talents that can help to shape the game outcome for you. Then you have to peek at, borrow and gift cards to your rival sisters to help you work on your look and slay the competition. 

A series of three canvas prints on a wall with a blanket, plant and side table.

Whether you’re wanting to wrap a canvas print, or just have something a little more unique for Christmas, take a look at the personalised wrapping paper from Vistaprint. 

You can choose your own images and design wrapping paper in minutes on the Vistaprint website. 

Stamptastic Christmas Stamps personalised with 'love from The Stevens' and 'North Pole Express Special Delivery Service'

Stamptastic have a delightful range of personalised Christmas stamps and I love the ones that we have selected! We’ve got a personalised family stamp and then we also have a North Pole stamp, which are going to make wrapping and personalising Christmas gifts extra fun for us this year!

Highland cow and pheasant ornament

Pagazzi offer a range of beautiful lighting, furniture and homeware pieces. Their highland cow range includes stunning pieces such as canvas prints, framed art, printed shades and even an adorable draught excluder.

I love pieces like this as it is a great way to let a loved one know you’ve noticed a particular interest they have and want to add to their collection. Giving a gift like this is a great way to help furnish a new home too. 

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