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Must have Christmas gifts (AD)

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Christmas time is well on it’s way! I’m a BIG lover of trying to find just the right gift and so I’ve got a wide variety of lovely gifts to recommend to you today. Many of which I think are must have Christmas gifts!

Go For Broke Board Game

Board game fans will absolutely love the Go For Broke Board Game, which offers a different slant on money games. 

You have the chance to inherit a billion-pound fortune but you must spend one million pounds faster than anyone else in the game, to be the ultimate winner and inherit the goods! Great fun can be had as you charter a yacht, sell antiques, gamble on games or even spend money on a motor racing team. 

Christmas gifts for parents - The really Nasty Horse Racing Game

The *Really Nasty Horse Racing Game is a great fun game where families can enjoy a ‘day at the races’ and race their horses around the board. You can bet on your own horse, or someone else’s, but keep it a secret! You can even be a little devious if you want to try and ensure you win!

You want to be the first person to make that bag and get the wins in by betting on horses and you can use the mischief cards to create chaos among the riders and horses.

Sneaker Cleaning Set (Sous Chef)

Sneaker lovers will absolutely love the thoughtfulness of this Andree Jardin Sneaker Cleaning Kit, which is a natural way to give trainers a new lease of life. 

It comes with a scrubbing brush, firm in nature, to remove dirt, a double-sided sponge to clean the tops and soles, a gentle soap and an anti-stain waterproofing too. Ideal for keeping those white trainers looking fresh and clean for longer. 

Only Curls Mini Collection

The Only Curls Mini Collection is designed to help people get started with the curly method, designed to help naturally curly and wavy hair look fuller, healthier and less frizzy.

This collection contains a cleanser, conditioner, curl creme and curl gel. All designed to work together to give curly hair it’s natural beauty back!  

The events of the last 18 months have meant that having fun at home is more popular than ever. This Escape Room In A Box is the perfect gift for people who are still wanting to enjoy adventures together in their own home.

At home escape room contents including a notebook, lock, envelope of shared components and New English dictionary

There are three escape rooms in this box, and it is designed for 3-6 players, so ideal if you’re going to be having guests visiting during the Festive season. The games range from easy to hard, so there is something for everyone, and you receive everything you need to transform the room of your choice into an immersive escape room experience.

Men’s Wash bag set from Arran

This beautiful Lochranza Mens Wash Bag, from Arran, is packed full of everything that could be needed for a lovely weekend away or visit to family.

Arran Washbag Contents - shave gel, bath & shower gel, soap bar and after shave balm

Packed into this wash bag is a bath & shower gel, soap, shave gel and post shave balm. The patchouli & anise scents of these products work together, to compliment one another, and bring a luxurious feel to showers and baths alike. 

Moleskin Notebook

The stationery lover in your life will adore a Moleskine Notebook. I personally love to write notes by hand, for a variety of reasons, and often feel that just writing down everything I am thinking about achieving is a great way to free my brain so I can actually get started! 

Moleskine are known for their great quality notebooks and have rounded corners, elastic closure and matching ribbon bookmark so not only do they look stunning but they are really enjoyable to write in, and comfortable to hold too. 

Stabilo Trio Deco and Pen 68 Metallic pens

What goes well with a lovely notebook? Quality pens! Stabilo have a fantastic range of pens, pencils and more. 

These Trio Deco and Pen 68 metallic sets are a great gift idea for note writers, and anyone who likes to be creative with pen and paper. 

Bamboo and Jasmine Best Seller Kits from The Bathhouse Cumbria, England

Items that help people to relax are something that I really love to gift. This Bamboo & Jasmine bestsellers mini kit from Bath House is a fantastic idea.

Each glass bottle contains a delightfully scented item with everything that you need for a pampering bath or shower, either at home or while travelling. There is bath soak, body lotion, condition and hair & body wash too. 

End of Day Journal and candle from Echor

When winding down from the end of a long day I find that a journal, meditation session and lavender eye mask really help towards calming the inner voice of overwhelm and being able to drift off for a semi-decent nights sleep! 

Echor have a range of lovely sleep products with this End of day candle and End of day wellness journal being my favourites. 

This candle has a stunning blend of essential oils including lavender and sweet orange. The journal contains little prompts and reminders throughout, as well as plenty of blank pages to help you practice gratitude, mindfulness and affirmations too. A great end to any day! 

The best of food game

The *Best of Food game, from Drumond park, is the perfect Christmas family game! It is all about what you know about the food that you eat.

Great fun questions, a board to move around and lots of moments of ‘I’m SURE I know this!’ will help pass the time this Christmas, and beyond. Such a great fun game, and we LOVE this range of games in our home.

Henry Sterling Bird Feeding Station in the garden with a huge bird seed feeder attached

We’ve spent some time in our garden in the past year, not quite as much as we would have like, but still it is nice to have a space of our own, while also looking out for the local wildlife too!

This Henry Sterling Bird Feeding Station is HUGE! It stands at over 2 metres, which means it will draw the eye of passing birds. There is room for a variety of bird feeders and you can even hang mealworm coconuts and more! A great way to have a variety of goodies for lots of different birds. 

We’ve also been loving this Grand Sterling Seed Feeder which is HUGE! We no longer have to fill up our bird table every single day, and instead the birds have a vast supply of goodies to enjoy anytime they stop by. Both of these items would make a fantastic gift for gardening fans and wildlife lovers alike.

RHS A5 Diary

Christmas is a great time of year to give a loved one a diary, and perhaps get a few things to look forward to written in to it too! 

This RHS A5 Diary is absolutely beautiful and I know that my Mum LOVES a new diary from me every year!

Facial Set + Bathing Salts from Evolve organic beauty

Why not give the gift of relaxation this Christmas?

Evolve Organic Beauty have delightful bathing salts, designed to help you, or your loved one, relax in the tub at the end of a long day!

The feel-good facial set has everything that is needed to recreate a spa day at home. Serums, creams, a mask and more make this an absolutely delightful gift set to really pamper someone who truly deserves it after all that 2021 has been!

Stamptastic Christmas Stamps personalised with 'love from The Stevens' and 'North Pole Express Special Delivery Service'

Stamptastic have a delightful range of personalised Christmas stamps and I love the ones that we have selected! We’ve got a personalised family stamp and then we also have a North Pole stamp, which are going to make wrapping and personalising Christmas gifts extra fun for us this year!

Garnier Sheet Masks

If you’re looking to give the gift of relaxation this Christmas then these Garnier Sheet Masks are an absolutely fantastic idea. In just 15 minutes their glow-boosting formulas deliver proven results. 

Each set contains 3 face sheet masks and 2 eye sheet masks, to help your loved one relax after a long Christmas Day! I personally LOVE Garnier masks, and would be thrilled to receive a set of these for my Christmas present. 

L'occitane Hand Cream Trio

Anyone who loves L’Occitane probably loves one of their hand creams. They are known for having rich, softening ingredients, that have a lovely feel to them and are great to keep in your handbag if you’re always working with your hands or have to use antibacterial gel frequently.

The L’Occitane hand cream trio contains three of their best selling hand creams; Shea Butter, Almond Delicious and Cherry Blossom with its non greasy formula. 

Pixi Moisturising Set containing hydrating milk lotion, pHenomenal gel and retinol jasmine lotion

Pixi products are well known for helping to moisturise skin, and they are a big fan with younger people, so ideal if you’ve got a younger relative that you want to impress with a ‘cool’ gift! 

This Pixi moisturising set comes with Hydrating Milky Lotion, pHenomenal Gel and Retinol Jasmine Lotion to help moisturise, restore skin’s pH balance and provide moisture too. This is suitable for all skin types and is not tested on animals. 

Zoe Ayla Silky Sleep Collection

The Zoe Ayla Silky Sleep Collection comes with a silky eye mask, pillow and sleep scrunchies. Everything that your loved one needs to ensure that their hair remains frizz free and their skincare absorbs well overnight.

Sleeping in comfort is always important and these soft items make a perfect addition to a beauty routine that requires very minimal effort.

Feather & Down Bedtime Set

Another fantastic bedtime related gift is this Feather & Down Bedtime Set. It comes with a pillow spray, rollerball and soothing body oil; everything that your friend or relative could need for a calm, relaxing bedtime wind down.

The calming lavender will help to relax the mind before bed and provides the perfect antidote to busy modern life and the stress it can bring! 

Nyx Make Up Set

The make-up fan in your life will love this NYX Make Up Set. It comes with everything you need to have a glow up and feel great about yourself on those Festive night outs we hope to get to enjoy this year! 

This beauty gift set comes with an eyeshadow palette, mascara and lipstick too. A great way to gift your loved one a new look, from a trusted brand, with a variety of lovely eyeshadow colours. 

Wilkinson Sword Shave Trimmer Set

The Wilkinson Sword Shave & Sword Men’s Electric Trimmer is the ultimate grooming tool to trim hair. 

This can be used to trim ear and nose hair, style beards, and it comes with 3 precision combs to help make a neat and tidy style. 

Ramer Sponges and shammy

Whether you’re putting together a little hamper of much loved items that you know will be well received, or are just looking for a reasonably priced stocking filler, sponges from Ramer Sponges will always be well received.

They have a great variety of super soft sponges and their cleansing shammy products are something that I have loved using myself recently. 

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