My dream conservatory (AD)

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AD. I’ve made no secret of the fact that we live in a one bedroom flat. This isn’t ideal of course. However, with properties costing more than £250,000 for a rabbit hutch we’ve got another 18-24 months to wait. Once we move I’m hoping that our next home will be somewhere that we live for a number of years, as we have our current home. Today I want to talk to you about my dream conservatory.  My dream conservatory

This is my husband’s dream conservatory. Filled with plants and vegetables!

A number of my friends already have conservatories and they seem to be a fantastic way to modify your home without going crazy. You don’t need to spend £100,000 on an extension. Also, you can create a nice amount of additional space on the side of your home. As long as you don’t mind losing a little garden. I personally love that conservatories these days tend to be mostly glass. They give you wonderful views over your own garden, let in lots of natural light and they look smart too. Win win!

One of the best aspects of conservatories, such as those from SEH BAC conservatories, is that depending on the size – you may not need planning permission! This is absolutely fantastic. It means you may not need to spend additional money, and time, waiting for planning permission. This is a real positive for me. I love that you can add value to your home for your investment too.

My dream conservatory would be white and glass. I love that white and glass conservatories have a natural look to them and they feel bright and airy too. Another conservatory type that I would consider would be an orangery. I absolutely love orangeries and feel that they fit with the style of most houses wonderfully. An orangery can add style to your home and best of all if you get a uPVC one they are low maintenance too.

For me a conservatory would be a real family space. It would be somewhere that I would sit, basking in the sun, during the Summer while I worked. I would be able to overlook Daisy playing in the garden and know that she was safe too. In the Winter I could cuddle up under my blanket and enjoy the night sky. Our dream conservatory would be part office part play room, just so Daisy was occupied. I hope to have another baby in the future and would love us to have a space to spend time together while I am working.

Personally I feel that finding that dream conservatory wouldn’t be a stretch at all. Something that fits in with the surroundings of my home, has lots of glass and doesn’t need planning permission would be perfect for me. I’d probably get my dream furniture too, La-Z-Boys! I love the idea of being able to recline back in the sun. Maybe I could even have a little snooze. Now that really is the ultimate parenting dream isn’t it! I’m sure I think about sleep at least 20% of the time I’m awake now. Having a safe space for Daisy to play, and for me to work without her climbing all over me, would be fantastic!

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