Review: My First Scalextric Set (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this set in exchange for coverage. Ever since the day I found out I was pregnant I have been looking forward to some key toy related points in life. Things such as setting up a play kitchen, watching my daughter push a doll around in a doll’s pram and getting to use Scalextric together for the first time. We were sent the My First Scalextric Set to review and I could hardly wait to get the box open!

My First Scalextric Set

Upon opening the box I could see everything all laid out. The cars and controllers were individually wrapped in tissue paper.

A look inside My First Scalextric Set

The controls for My First Scalextric Set

The controllers are power level ones, so it is possible to press a little, or a lot. If you press down completely then the cars are likely to fly off the track – which is great fun!

A look at the set up of My First Scalextric Set

As you can see the controllers plug into the main base and the base is controlled by a plug. So no more batteries to change every five minutes! This is honestly the best feature for me! I love that it doesn’t require batteries and Daisy could just play with it all day if she wanted to. 

A look at one of the cars from My First Scalextric Set

The car glides around corners and as long as I didn’t press down fully on the control for too long I was able to corner easily.

Daisy is only 18 months old but with my help she was able to drive a car around a track. Daisy seemed so excited by this and it kept her attention for quite a while.

Daisy playing with My First Scalextric Set

From what I could tell, and her ‘Wow’ remarks, Daisy really enjoyed playing with her My First Scalextric Set.

If you like the look of this set you can *buy it here. It is so simple to assemble and makes the ideal first Scalextric set for your little one. Also, it is compatible with the Micro Scalextric range too!

The great packaging for My First Scalextric Set

When we had finished with the My First Scalextric Set it was so simple to put back in to the box. I love that the packaging could be discarded and it could be stored in a smaller box too if need be.

Overall I must say we had great fun with the My First Scalextric Set. It is simple to set up, taking around one minute. It does not require batteries – which is just fantastic. I love toys that can be mains powered, as you can still enjoy the fun and don’t have to worry about the cost and waste of batteries.

Daisy loved being able to watch the cars zoom around the track. We didn’t race each other, but we just had fun together. I really enjoyed using the power level controller to work hard to get around the track faster and faster. It was great fun and I can’t wait to play with this again soon! I’m sure as Daisy gets closer to the recommended minimum age of 3 years she will love it even more.

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(AD) My First Scalextric Set. Find out what we thought of this mains powered Scalextric set

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