My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse review (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this product in exchange for coverage. Daisy is 15 months old now and as such she is starting to get more interested in interactive toys. As my husband is a fan of Disney, and wants Daisy to be too, I thought this would be the perfect new toy for Daisy. My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse is available from Amazon, and multiple others places too.

My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse - Simple to open packaging

One thing I loved about My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse was how easy the packaging was to open. There were some knotted ties but these could all be removed by hand. There were only 3 ties despite My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse being securely fastened in the box. It took under a minute to remove from the box so this is ideal for wrapping up in the box.

When you receive My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse it is set to ‘Try me’ mode. You open up the velcro at the back and then you can move it from ‘Try Me’ to ‘Off’ or ‘On’. This takes 3 x AA batteries but it comes with batteries included. Parenting win! The batteries are held in their place with a screw, which is always reassuring for me.

My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse - Daisy pressing her hand

My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse is activated by pressing her hand. Nice and simple. Daisy didn’t have any problems working this out. In just a few seconds. Lucky me!

My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse - A look at Minnie out of her packaging

My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse stands pretty tall. This makes her even more fun when she is dancing across the room or running.

Minnie walks, dances, sings, jumps, tells stories and more. In fact she has around 70 phrases that she can say. My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse can also understand 15 words including ‘Hello’, ‘Good Morning’, ‘Dance’, ‘Give me a kiss’, ‘Walk’, ‘Run’ and ‘Story’.

Sometimes I felt like My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse was running before I even finished saying the word run! It responds so fast to voice commands which is ideal for impatient little ones. Like Daisy. 

Daisy is only 15 months old, so is below the recommended age range for this toy, which is 3+. However, she absolutely loves it! So far Daisy can say run and hello. Both phrases My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse understands with no problems. Seeing My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse running across the room and Daisy running with her is so much fun!

My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse - Daisy cuddling Minnie

This is one of the first toys that I feel like Daisy really loves playing with. She has had a doll before, which she also loved, but this is so much more interesting for her.

What do I think of My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse?

I’ll tell you a secret… I’m not much of a Disney fan. I’m trying to be better – ready for the inevitable Florida trip in a few years. When I was growing up I didn’t have much of a Disney childhood! However, I want Daisy to experience all the wonder of Disney and she seems to like this Minnie Mouse toy. Initially she was unsure, and took a day to warm up to playing with it. Once she realised it was interactive she enjoyed pressing the hand and saying things. Usually ones that didn’t make sense. There have been a few occasions she has managed to make My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse dance or sing, by saying some nonsensical words, but this doesn’t detract from the fun of this toy for me.

I love that this was simple to open, had batteries included and is pretty cute too. It understands Daisy, and me, and works really well. So far the batteries are lasting fine, despite almost constant use. For days now. 

For the ultimate Disney fan you can also buy My Interactive Friend Mickey Mouse and get them to interact together! This is super simple. Just press Minnie’s hand and say MICKEY. They will then interact together.

We received My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse for free, in exchange for this review. All opinions are our own, as always.

*Interactive Minnie Mouse

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(AD) My Interactive Friend Minnie Mouse review. Daisy loves her new Minnie Mouse Disney toy that dances, sings, gives kisses and more.

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