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My Likes and Loves for February 2019

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Every month I am going to be sharing with you my Likes and Loves for the past month. This post will be an eclectic mix of some of the things I have liked or loved in the last month. Items that were gifted to me for a mention within this feature will be clearly marked with a #. 

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Book: Happy: Finding the joy in every day and letting go of perfect

I borrowed this from the library but firmly recommend purchasing it. This book has been a great joy to read. Firstly it’s great to hear someone talking openly about depression, and mental health in general. Secondly, there are lots of workbook-style pieces in this book to complete along the way. These help you to learn more about yourself and how to identify if your mood is spiralling downwards. This is really important to me, as a self-employed person and a Mum, as in the past comparison syndrome has not been my friend. You can pick up a used hardback copy of this, delivered, for just a couple of pounds.

My likes and loves for February 2019

My sister came to visit!

My family is a little bit spread out, around the South of England, and recently my sister came to visit. With her she brought 4 of her 6 children and it was great to finally meet my newest nephew, Oliver. He was a dream and it was so lovely to spend time relaxing with him on the sofa. We had almost an entire day together just to chat about whatever and it was lovely.


Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Daily Wash

I suffer terribly with my skin and I have been using this consistently, twice a day, for several weeks now. So far it has helped clear up the existing spots I had AND I’ve not had any new ones. Two pumps are all I need to generously coat my face and it doesn’t have a nasty smell either.

Panorama: Million Pound Selfie Sell Off

I make my money on the internet, from affiliate marketing, advertisements and more. This means that this particular TV show was of real interest to me. It was really good to see a television show where they were talking about some of the sides of social media that influencers encounter, and also I hope it opens more eyes to people learning about what they advertise. While I may not always have been as picky I make sure to vet the companies that I am linking back to, advertising or working with. I have turned down 5 figures of work, already, with brands that don’t align with my own values. Skincare brands, baby brands, payday loan companies and much more. I try to remember that my readers trust me to share things with them that I know and love, so I take that pretty seriously. I never used to worry about it much, as I didn’t feel my audience was big, but now I know my audience is engaged.

My likes and loves for February 2019 - pork and parsnip traybake

Pork and parsnip traybake

I’m adapting this recipe, to my own tastes, but this trial run was delicious! So much flavour, lovely tender pork and lovely soft parsnips! Look out for this recipe coming in the next month or so.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Likes and Loves for February 2019. I’m going to make this a regular feature and I’m looking forward to sharing more of the little things that made my month more enjoyable with you.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.