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My Likes and Loves for July 2019

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Every month I am going to be sharing with you my Likes and Loves for the past month. This post will be an eclectic mix of some of the things I have liked or loved in the last month. Items that were gifted to me for a possible mention within this feature will be clearly marked with a #. 


My Likes and Loves for July 2019 - Miffy

This lovely #Miffy outfit came for Daisy earlier in the month. It’s a generous fit, in 3-4 years, which I was surprised about as I’ve just moved Daisy up to 4-5 year clothes as she’s so tall. It’s soft, comfortable and perfect for any little Miffy fan! Also, Daisy received two lovely Miffy books that we have been reading almost non-stop this month. My favourite is the #Miffy and the Royal Baby one, as it is cute and has little flaps to lift to see what is underneath. Despite being super short this is really an interesting book for Daisy and she has already learned it off by heart! The Miffy’s Birthday book is much longer and makes for a really cute bedtime story.

Recipe: Easy slow cooker recipes (UK recipes)

Easy slow cooker recipes (UK recipes)

I love using my slow cooker and as well as compiling a huge master list of posts recently I’ve also re-worked some of my favourite recipes.

Recipe: Slow cooker BBQ Ribs recipe

slow cooker BBQ ribs

These ribs are simple, frugal and taste just as tender and delicious as the ones from the takeaway. I love how simple these ribs are and it is a great way to save on the takeaways!

Recipe: Slow cooker whole chicken

Slow cooker whole chicken uk recipe

A roast chicken really goes so far! I love to follow the tips in my budget stretching chicken recipes post to stretch it as far as possible and save money.

Visiting our local park

You can’t beat having a nice trip to the park with little ones. We are fortunate that we have lots of parks near where we live and recently an accessible for all park has been built, which is lovely. It is great to see  children of all abilities being able to use the park. It is a great place to teach Daisy about consideration for others too as it is ALWAYS very busy.

Shows I’ve been loving on Netflix this month

My likes and loves - Netflix

Netflix: Awake The Million Dollar Game

A game show where contestants are kept awake for 24 hours and take part in a series of challenges. It’s great fun, best of all they can win up to $1m! I’ve found this great TV while we’re enjoying dinner once Daisy is in bed. It’s fun and it’s also interesting to see the mistakes people make when sleep deprived.

Netflix: Black Mirror Season 5

We’ve loved every season and while this was a short and sweet one it was really interesting. The final episode was my favourite of the season. I love how every single episode of Black Mirror is surprising. There will always be a twist, and you’ll be left with questions about your own life too if you get into it as much as I do.

Netflix: Instant Hotel Season 2

I loved the first season and the 2nd season did not disappoint. Instant Hotel sees people travelling around to one another’s homes in America, seeing who gets the best instant hotel rating for their Airbnb accommodation.

App: Clue

I recently had my implant removed and I am using Clue, a period tracker, to help track my monthly cycle. It is free, really simple to use and so far it seems great. I like that you can track all sorts of things, and even let someone else link up to your cycle. Ideal if you suffer from PMS! It has been three years since I’ve had to worry about this kind of thing so I’m keen to track it and see how accurate it is. If I love it I’ll report back in a couple of months!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Likes and Loves for July 2019. I’m really enjoying this regular feature and getting to share more of the smaller aspects of my life with you!

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