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My Likes and Loves for March 2019

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Every month I am going to be sharing with you my Likes and Loves for the past month. This post will be an eclectic mix of some of the things I have liked or loved in the last month. Items that were gifted to me for a possible mention will be clearly marked with a #. 

I was gifted this #Olverum back in 2018 for my Christmas gift guide, and a year or two before. I absolutely love it. When running a nice bath a few drops under the tap helps the room to fill with a delightful, relaxing scent. I love the way the oil feels on my skin and I’ve never tire of using this I don’t think! It’s great to make for a really luxurious bath.

Book: Happy: Finding the joy in every day and letting go of perfect

I mentioned this last month but finished it in March and absolutely loved it. This book is packed full of feel-good tips and tricks to find joy in every day. It has been fantastic and I’m looking forward to reading Calm soon.

Katykicker - A look inside Get Your Kids to Eat Anything

My brand new website!

Have to give a little shout out here to me, and my brand new website. I love the design, theme and the colour my lovely friend Donna helped choose for me. I’m really excited to have a new project to work on in the coming months. My first post is live, a review of #Get Your Kids To Eat Anything.

My likes and loves - Netflix

Netflix: Dirty John

If you haven’t seen this yet then why not?! I found this took 1.5 episodes to get into and then I was gripped and binged it in just one day. It was a little scary watching the final episode alone, but I think that was the anticipation more than anything.


Book: Bored and Brilliant: How Time Spent Doing Nothing Changes Everything

I saw this in the library and checked it out on a whim. As someone who works online, I definitely spend most of my time feeling connected to a device, in some way. When reading through this book I made a few changes to my routine, to make more time for being away from my devices. I’ve already found more time to read, look after myself more and prepare new recipes for my family. The steps are really easy to follow and I feel it has made a good difference for me already.

Airfryer parsnips

Recipe: Airfryer parsnips

I’m a big fan of honey glazed parsnips and I’ve finally shared my super simple recipe for airfryer parsnips. They are probably a little more burnt that I would like but they still tasted delicious!

Free stuff!

A resident in the estate I live in was getting rid of this bike, which is in fantastic condition. I saw the post, in a private Facebook group, one evening and then by the next morning, at 7 am, Thomas had collected it. Having a bike, ready for our new garden, is filling me with so much excitement for getting out and about more. It’s hard to live in a flat, with a toddler, but I’m really looking forward to having our own outside space very soon! Drying clothes in a flat is one of the banes of my life but at least we can get out and enjoy the fresh air now.

My Likes and Loves for March 2019


Book: Good Food Eat Well: Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes

This recipe has helped me add lots of new dishes to our family mealtimes. I have adapted a few of the recipes, to suit our shopping budget and foods we enjoy, and have been really pleased. I borrowed this from the library but think it would be a great edition to any slow cooker user. There were even some delicious breakfast recipes, and our favourite one only took 40 minutes. This is ideal for those mornings you want a nice, hot breakfast but also have other things to do before you can eat breakfast and leave for work, school etc.

Walking At Home

I have been finding time to exercise daily, at least 30 minutes. I’m using the ‘Walk At Home‘ app which I pay $4.99 for. Every day there is a new video for me to workout to and the workouts are really well suited for me, with limited fitness, to complete at home. I’m already feeling more motivated, supple, flexible and strong. The time seems to go by really quickly, as the workouts are basically covering 1 mile per 15 minutes. I do find that I go just over 1km in that time, despite walking to the same pace, but I’m burning 250-350 calories per workout, which I’m really happy with. In just 30 minutes! There are six days of videos per week, but it is possible to complete any of the month’s workouts on any day you feel like taking part.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Likes and Loves for March 2019. I’m going to make this a regular feature and I’m looking forward to sharing more of the little things that made my month more enjoyable with you.

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Books, recipes and other things that I loved in the past month. #netflix #bookrecommendations #recipes

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Kim Carberry

Friday 29th of March 2019

Ahh! I love Olverum! It feels like such a treat when I use it. Congrats on the new website! It looks great! Dirty John was brilliant wasn't it! I didn't know the story so the last episode was a bit of a shocker! x


Monday 1st of April 2019

Thanks so much! Yeah Dirty John was a shocker for me too as I didn't know the story either! x

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