Send your Valentine a gift across the miles with My Parcel Delivery

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That time of year is here once again, when heart-shaped chocolates, teddy bears, and an endless supply of affectionate cards dominate the aisles of the shops. Valentine’s Day is no longer a romantic day just for couples, with lots of people choosing to spend it with their friends and family… or even their pets. Unfortunately, some couples are unable to spend the special day together, whether that’s due to living in different cities or having to work away from home a lot. Not to worry, you can still make sure that a thoughtful gift reaches your significant other, no matter how many miles are separating the two of you.

Send your Valentine a gift across the miles with My Parcel Delivery

“Too far” is never an excuse

The fastest and cheapest way that you can have your Valentine’s Day gift delivered to your loved one is by using a courier service. The courier comparison site My Parcel Delivery can you help you find the best delivery deals available whilst also helping you to save time and money. With couriers such as UPS and Parcelforce, sending parcels has never been easier. Simply drop your parcels off at a designated drop-off point or have them collected from your workplace or home. It doesn’t matter how far you need your gift to travel, with a range of courier services operating internationally and throughout Europe, there’s nothing stopping you from sending your gift overseas.

What can you buy your Valentine?

If you’re off out to buy your Valentine a gift and you know that you’ll have to have it delivered to him, it’s worth taking a quick look at the list of restricted and prohibited items to make sure that your chosen gift can be sent via courier. Don’t let this affect your shopping trip, there are an array of thoughtful and beautiful gifts that are permitted to travel with couriers. If you’re sending a gift that is of either high financial or sentimental value, you might want to consider paying that little bit extra for additional compensation cover.

It’s not all about looks

Everyone knows how nice it is to receive a present that has been neatly wrapped up in pretty wrapping paper with a decorative gift tag to match. However, wrapping paper is not strong enough to withstand the delivery process so you must place your nicely wrapped gift into a parcel box in order to keep it safe on its journey to the recipient. It also lets your Valentine wonder what the parcel contains! Check out how to package your parcels correctly to make sure that your gift will be fully protected.

I hope that you’ve found these tips useful and that they’ve reassured anyone that was feeling a little bit upset about not being able to spend Valentine’s Day with who they would like to. I hope that you have a wonderful day, whoever you might be spending it with.

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