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Regular readers of mine will know that I am partial to a competition or two. I love free daily prize draws as they are a great way to spend a few seconds a day procrastinating from working and yet have the chance to win a cash prize. I have been a winner from a few of the daily prize draw websites now including FreePostCodeLottery, LuckyPhone, NumberPlateLotto and TheStreetLottery.


I love the fact that these websites share their revenue and while the owners are making themselves some money they are also giving someone else the chance to win a nice amount of money each day. The daily prize draws that I visit tend to vary  from £5 upwards per day. Also, some of the websites, such as LuckyPhone, will reward you with a small amount of bonus points if you almost win their prize draw. This is fantastic as every so often I cash out £10 via Paypal so this is a great little incentive to visit daily and a reward for loyalty too.

*MyLuckyPatch is a fantastic concept and quite fun too. Each day there is a prize of £100. You can also accrue an additional bonus of 50p for extra day that you visit their website. However, the one thing that differs from other daily prize draw websites is that MyLuckyPatch will deduct 50p from your bonus for each day that you don’t visit. This doesn’t affect the £100 prize though and I love that they are rewarding people who visit daily with an extra bonus if they win.

On the MyLuckyPatch *website you will receive patches. These can be chosen from a map and I have personally chosen patches in the area that my home is located. Each day that I have visited since I have been awarded an additional 5 patches and now I am up to about 40 patches already.

Another great feature of MyLuckyPatch is their referral scheme. If you want to join and use my referral link then I will receive another 15 patches and you will receive a £5 boost to your personal bonus to get you started! This is a great little incentive.

So far this is another great fun little daily prize draw website and I’ve been enjoying checking. I like that you can see the winning location on the map as this increases the excitement. If you’re unsure if you own that specific patch you can just click the claim button and it will let you know if you are a winner or not. I’m yet to win, as I’ve only been visiting for a few days, however, I’ve been quite lucky on these draws so far so I live in hope!

If you’re looking to make some extra money online then be sure to check out my post of great ways to make and save money.

If like me you love to procrastinate online then why not visit MyLuckyPatch and at least have the chance to win yourself some cash while you avoid that important project or blog post you need to write!

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