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MySurvey is a survey company that I have been using for several years now, possibly even longer than that! They offer surveys on a wide variety of topics and they even have surveys that will record you, via your webcam, watching an advert to see what your facial expressions and reactions are.

MySurvey is run by the same company that run GlobalTestMarket and as such sometimes the surveys interconnect. For example I may open a MySurvey link and find that it takes me to a GlobalTestMarket survey, usually one that I was not offered on the GlobalTestMarket website. This is great as it allows me to maximise my earnings.

Points convert into pounds and you can redeem from just £3 of points. There are a multitude of rewards on offer, including Paypal and Amazon. A £5 Amazon voucher is 550 points and £5 Paypal is 575 points. The surveys range in remuneration usually from 50 points up to 250 points. There are also product trials and focus group opportunities available from time to time. I tend to cashout around £15-20 a month and this year I have made £243 in total, in Paypal and Amazon. I mostly cashout Amazon, because it saves me 25 points per £5 redeemed, and I love that I can cashout from just £3 of points. Payments can take up to 10 working days, but usually arrive much prompter than this.

Surveys fill up quickly with MySurvey, usually within a day or two and it is worth logging in regularly to check the website as not all surveys are sent out via email.

The layouts of the surveys are quite simple to understand and there is often surveys that load the next page the second you select your answer.

In the time that I have been with them I have made close to £1000 in total, but this spans several years. I only complete a few surveys a week, and most of them are 5-10 minutes, or even less.

In the past I have had errors on some surveys. The error I most commonly encounter allows me to finish the survey, before redirecting me to an error page with some illegible sentences. I realised, after encountering this quite frequently at times, that it appeared to be one of two factors. Number one was finishing the survey too fast, and number two was opening more than one survey from MySurvey at a time. Obviously number two was quickly resolved and number one was solved by opening one or two surveys elsewhere too, and working through them on a round robin type system.

If you are looking to join MySurvey then please consider using the Contact Me section to send me your name and email. This will allow me to refer you to the website, and earn 100 points. If not then click here to be directed to the MySurvey website. 

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