Turn to new windows for peace and quiet (AD)

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AD. Back in 2010 my husband and I moved into a new build. Now on the surface it looked great but actually we’ve had a multitude of different problems since we moved here. Some of which drive me mad! A few of the problems that we had were easily fixable, some not so much. Some of the biggest issues that we have come from poor design and materials used when building our home. When it was just the two of us I could live with the aspects of our home that annoy me. Now that we have Daisy I am significantly less tolerant of noise, people and anything that can disrupt our sleep.   I’d love to get new windows to help drown out some of the noise of life.

Turn to new windows for peace & quiet

I look this image in the peaceful town park over the Winter. Peaceful until Spring when the festivals and concerts start up at least!

For me a peaceful home is a happy home. I’m happy for my family to make lots of noise. We are fans of Sonos speakers, gaming and all manner of noisy entertainment sources. However, this doesn’t mean that I want to listen to the noise of others. There is just something so irritating about the noise of strangers!

We are fortunate to live near a huge town park, with hundreds of acres of beautiful land just waiting to be explored. However, during the warmer months of the year they host musical festivals and concerts on a bandstand. I thought this was great when we first moved here, until there was an event that we were not interested in attending. The sound of tinny music travelling 1/2 a mile to my home got old really fast! Depending on the wind direction there are times I can even make out when a singer is out of tune, or out of time with the music. While this is only a couple of days a month it is almost always at the weekend! A time when we want to be relaxing at home, without hearing irritating covers of old rock songs.

Turn to new windows for peace and quiet

I absolutely love the idea of windows that are designed to reduce noise levels in the home. I would absolutely love new windows that are designed to block out sound from traffic, reduce vibrations AND help save money too by keeping my home warm! Being able to cut down on the wasted heat is another plus point of soundproof windows. If they are good enough for people living near Heathrowwhich I once did and my gosh it was loud outside, then they are good enough for me!

When I put Daisy down for a nap I don’t want to have to worry about external noise waking her up. Daisy, like a lot of babies, is a light sleeper and any unusual noise is likely to wake her up. As I’m self-employed, and need to get work done during nap time, this isn’t ideal! Having new windows in our home would allow us to live more harmoniously with the busy World that is outside. For me a stress-free and relaxing home is one that is quiet at times.

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