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New Year, Same Me!

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Happy New Year! I’m sure I’ve already said that a few times here in the last day or two but there you go! Another year starts up and everywhere I look I see people talking about their new year’s resolutions. All of the ways that they are going to change. This year I’m doing something a little different – I’m declaring New Year, Same Me!

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New Year, Same Me!

In 2019 I resolve that I am going to love myself, as I am. I’m going to celebrate that I’ve made it through another year, with my little family, and life is going well for us. I am accepting that I am a good person, and I am always working on improving myself so I don’t need a New Year’s Resolution anyway!

I am not making a New Year’s Resolution

This year I won’t be setting New Year’s Resolutions. I’ll have aims and goals throughout the year, and I will still have my monthly aims (which I’ll share here), but I’m not going to set myself goals that will just make the start of my year stressful.

Why I love making monthly aims

Setting a list of monthly aims helps me to make realistic achievable goals. Also, as I reassess these goals monthly I am able to make small changes in my life. For example, if I want to achieve a big life change I can make small achievable monthly aims that help me reach this overall change.

I am always working on improving

If there is an area of my home or life that needs improving then I work on small, realistic and achievable changes. This helps me in my overall goal to have an enjoyable life but also means that I’m always working on improving.

New Year, Same Me!

I always see myself as a work in progress. There is always an area of my life I am looking to make some changes in. I want to exercise more, or I want to work less, and so I make little steps that get me towards my end goal.

Making gradual changes is what works for me. I hate the idea of setting lots of New Year’s Resolutions and putting lots of pressure on myself. If my family is having a busy time, or someone is ill, then I can put my goals on the backburner and not feel like a failure in the process. Working on myself constantly, in small steps, feels achievable and means I can change my mind about what I want to achieve any time I like.

This January why not resolve not to set big New Year’s Resolutions and instead work on the gradual changes? Embracing this has been the best thing I’ve ever done and has really changed my life. No longer do I feel bad about not setting New Year’s Resolutions and instead, I have embraced that I’m ALWAYS a work in progress. Never will I reach perfection. Never will I hit that end goal, and that’s just fine with me!

Come on – join me! Celebrate that it is a New Year, Same Me type of year! Enjoy and thanks, as always, for reading! Quit the comparison syndrome and celebrate that life is always changing, and so are we!

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New year, same me! No New Year's Resolutions for me this year - just realising that I am a work in progress! #newyearsresolutions #newyear #2019 #happynewyear #goals

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Cora Harrison

Wednesday 2nd of January 2019

Love this. We too aren't setting any New Years resolutions as such but instead, we're focusing on our five-year plan and the short-term and long-term goals involved. Already been checking out your January goals though Katy! :D


Thursday 10th of January 2019

Sounds fantastic! look forward to seeing what you achieve x

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