My New York City wishlist

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*This is a collaborative post*. In the last few months a few people I know, online and offline, have been to New York. I’m SO jealous! New York is definitely somewhere that I would love to go to in the future. Perhaps when Daisy is a few years old. Today I want to share with you my New York City wishlist – I would love to hear your suggestions too!

My New York City wishlist

My New York City wishlist

The Empire State Building

This is a must see for me. Part of the iconic New York City skyline I’d definitely want to snap a few photos of this! It must be amazing to visit the observation floors and take in the breathtaking views of New York City. I think most first time visitors to New York City would have this on their New York City wishlist.

Statue of Liberty

Over the years the Statue of Liberty will have brought so much hope to people arriving to New York. I love that this is an iconic statue and feel it would be an amazing moment to see this up close.

Guggenheim Mueseum

Even from the outside this museum looks really interesting. I always imagine that compared to the busy areas of New York City the Guggenheim Museum would be a welcome and refreshing change of pace. I’m interested in art and love to learn something new so this would be a must on my New York City wishlist.

Central Park

I would love to be able to work around Central Park. So many iconic scenes from movies have happened there and I would love to explore it with my family.

Yankee Stadium

I would love to watch a game here. However, as part of my New York City wishlist I’d just be amazed to visit! I’ve seen this stadium online and in the movies so many times and feel it is an iconic part of New York.

9/11 Tribute Center

Of course a visit to New York would not really be complete without remembering the innocent people who died during 9/11. Most people I know that visit New York make sure to visit here too. It is important to remember and also to see the wonderful tributes to those who lost their lives. It must be such a powerful and moving experience and this is why I feel it would be a fitting end to my New York City wishlist. Like a lot of people I can remember where I was that fateful day, and what I was doing. Being able to have a few moments to pay tribute to those people that died feels right to me.

I hope to visit New York one day in the future, once my daughter is a little bit older. Perhaps my husband and I will be brave and venture there without our daughter, for an adults only holiday. At the moment we haven’t left our daughter overnight so that feels a long way away – but who knows!

Now as you know I’m a fan of getting value for money. I love the idea of paying one fee and having access to a large number of different tourist attractions. This would definitely encourage me to visit more attractions to get the most out of my money. A tourist pass sounds great to allow me to pay one fee and then be able to go around lots of places with my family.

What would you add to my New York City wishlist?

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  1. Leanne April 20, 2017 / 3:45 pm

    I love NYC and would happily revisit again and again! I hope you get to go soon x

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