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I’ve requested another Onepoll cashout!

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Onepoll is a paid survey website that I have wrote about in the past here. I have recently requested another Onepoll cashout.

If you are online most days then Onepoll is a fantastic site to sign up to. Membership is free and they have a plethora of different surveys on other each day/week.

The surveys are mostly small, quick and very simple surveys. They are on a wide variety of topics and they are usually looking for people of all demographics. Survey remunerations range usually from 5p – 30p. There are sometimes higher paid surveys and other opportunities available. I have been invited to complete a mystery shop before. I have also tested products too. The payment for these varies from £5 upwards. The highest paying shop I’ve seen was paying £125.

From Monday – Friday I find a wide range of surveys added throughout the day. I usually try to visit at least once a day. I normally complete at least 2 or 3 short surveys, often more.

Disqualifications tend to happen quickly with Onepoll and normally within 1-2 questions. There is no payment for being disqualified but at least it happens quickly. Occasionally surveys will fill up while I am completing them, but not often.

I tend to receive from £160-£240 per year from Onepoll and in the last 12 months I have actually had more than that from them.

Onepoll cashout

Payment is made via Paypal or bank transfer when you hit £40. It is not unusual to find that the surveys dry up temporarily when you get around £39.50. They do come back though!

My Onepoll cashout will arrive within 4 weeks. It is usually nearer the 4 week mark that they arrive.

Earn your first Onepoll cashout

If you are interested in joining Onepoll then please consider sending me an email. You can find my details on the Contact Katykicker page. If I refer you I will receive £1 when you hit £20 and £2.50 when you hit £40. This is at no cost to yourself. If you’re looking to make some extra money online then be sure to check out my post of great ways to make and save money.

Update for 2018 – If you’re working on a £40 cashout when you hit that next time you’ll only have to reach £25 before you can cashout.

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