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Onepoll – One for people online daily!

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I’m a lover of paid surveys, and have used them to fund some lovely holidays, a family car, and more. I’ve been completing paid surveys for a good 10 years now, and Onepoll is a site I’ve been with for as long as I can remember.

Completing Onepoll paid surveys is super simple, and takes just a couple of minutes from my day most days. I barely notice the time I spend on the website and I want to share my tips with you, as well as details of cashing out and

Onepoll allows you to complete numerous small, quick and simple surveys for remunerations typically ranging from 5p to 30p.

There are bigger surveys available and I’ve also had a fair few product trials via this company, usually with at least £5 awarded for completing the post trial surveys.

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How to join Onepoll

Onepoll allow you to join for free, and as with all of the paid survey websites I share here there are no fees for being a member or withdrawing your money.

How much do Onepoll surveys pay?

Typically surveys range from 10p – 30p. As I look today, while writing this post, there are 6 surveys, 3 for 10p and 3 for 15p. These are NOT hugely well paying surveys, but they are very fast at least.

On the average day, Monday-Friday, I complete, or attempt to complete, at least 5 surveys. Usually if you are screened out it happens quite quickly, often within the first one or two questions because the studies are full.

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How much is cashout?

You earn points for completing surveys, with 1 point being worth 1p. 2500 points (£25) is all you need to cashout.

Paypal and BACS are the options available to cashout.

Cashing out used to be £40 for first time users, so that may still be the case, and then it drops down to £25 once you’ve had a withdrawal. As I’m not a new user I can’t confirm this 100%.

How long does a cashout take?

Times are stated as 30 days for Paypal and 28 days for BACS. I’ve had a LOT of cashout, typically £150-£200 a year for years now, and I have found that payments are late sometimes, extending up to 45 days on occasion, but they do always arrive.

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Download the mobile app!

Onepoll have a mobile app, which works semi well now, so be sure to download this if you’ve got a commute and want to make a few pennies while on the way to work!

I love to complete a few paid surveys while we’re travelling in the car, as this is a great way to boost my income with minimal effort and at a time I’d otherwise be unproductive.

Things to look out for:

Often when you’re near the cashout mark it seems that they test you with a couple of questions regarding your survey demographics. Always be truthful when completing your surveys so you won’t have any issues at this time.

In the past people have found that surveys dry up when nearing the previous £40 cashout threshold, but this does not seem to be happening now. I’m currently very close to £25 (50p away!) again and I’ve had no shortage of surveys, finding them there each weekday when logging in.

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Remember to visit daily, Monday-Friday, to ensure you maximise your survey potential.

Accounts that are not logged into for 12 months will be deactivated, so be sure not to get caught out by this!

Why have Onepoll closed my account?

If this has happened to you it may be that your account has not been visited for 12 months, OR it could be that you’ve repeatedly failed test questions. These can be attention checks or they can be based on your demographics.

There is a members inbox on the site where you will be warned usually, first, of any issues, but if you fail consistently then you’ll be removed from the panel.

Survey companies want to pay for accurate data that is valuable to their customers. Nobody wants to share data that has been falsified or contains inaccuracies as it can impact marketing spend, budgets, business decisions and much more.

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Is Onepoll safe?

Absolutely! Now you DO have the option of BACS, which will require you to share your sort code and account number, however, if you don’t wish to do this then you can use Paypal instead for your redemption. This requires less personal information of course!

Onepoll is not working!

I’ve noticed a few times in the past where I open the website, it seems fine, and then when I start on the surveys there are some errors, often a 404 error. For a few days I thought this just meant the server wasn’t working, or perhaps those particular studies had finished, but then I cleared my cookies and browser cache and tried again. It worked!

Definitely try another browser, or clear your cookies/cache if you find the website is working but the surveys are not opening correctly for you.

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Onepoll refer a friend

You can refer up to 15 friends to Onepoll through your account. Alternatively, if you’re a blogger or content creator who feels they can consistently drive more than 50 referrals per month then you can get in touch with Onepoll to discuss a unique referral link that benefits you financially.

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3 x £10 notes and a £20 note with text that says make money daily with paid surveys from OnePoll

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.