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There are a plethora of new opportunities popping up online recently and some of these opportunities involve using your Smartphone. OnePulse is a new application that I have downloaded and tested over the last week or two.

There are now applications that will pay you to complete tasks, watch videos, complete surveys and more. I’m testing out a number of these applications at the moment and will share more information here as I receive payout from each one.

OnePulse is available to download, via the App store, or by clicking here. The application is completely free to download and the only information required is basic demographic information and your Paypal information, for them to pay you of course.

When I started on OnePulse I had a number of free surveys to complete. Initially I wondered why should I bother completing these and then I learned that this would help me gain experience, and in turn higher levels. As higher levels unlock more surveys this ultimately means that the more experience I have the more surveys I unlock and the more money I earn.

The application is very simple to use. There are notifications that come through when a new paid survey is loaded, although there are literally hundreds of people trying to complete the surveys at the same time. This means that some surveys fill up quickly and on occasion they may even close right as you are answering them, although this is yet to happen to me.

When loading the application there are sections for ‘My Profile’, ‘Home’, ‘See Results’, ‘Groups’, ‘Send Invite’ and ‘Give Feedback’. The sections are simple to navigate and load quickly. The surveys also load quickly and often have just 2,3 or 4 questions to be completed. The paid surveys offer from 10 – 30p usually and take under a minute in most cases.

This is a slow burner but it is an application with notifications meaning you should have no reason to miss the surveys or forget them. Slow burners soon add up throughout the year and the cashout level is just £5.00.

My referral invite code is 5CY36 for anyone interested in using it. 

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