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Opinium Research

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I love a good survey company and I want to share with you my opinion on Opinium Research. They are a survey company I have been a member of for several years not.

I like to wait, mostly, until I have had a cashout or two, before I write about a survey company. This means I am speaking from personal experience when I recommend a company to you.

I am always on the lookout for a new survey company. I spend a lot of time on the phone, and otherwise engaged, and surveys suit me very well. If I am on the phone, on hold, I can complete questions on a survey.

Surveys requires minimal effort and I can stop and start the surveys as my time allows. Most surveys do not have a time limit on them and I find them straight forward.

The surveys on Opinium Research are straightforward and take just minutes, but also have low payment as a result of that. I find that they are similar, in length, to ones from YouGov, NewVistalive or Populuslive. They range from 50p upwards and I find that I can answer the average survey in just 2-3 minutes.

Opinium Research payments

The payment threshold is £25, with various options available. Once you hit £25 you visit the Opinium Research website to cashout.

You can receive a bank transfer, donate to charity or receive Amazon vouchers. You also have the option to donate £2.50 of your £25 to charity. I like companies that have charity options as it allows you to spend a little of your time and give to charity in the process.

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How long does an Opinium Research cashout take?

During 2020 I have been waiting an average of 14 days for cashouts. I have had one cashout in under a week, which is great!

How to join Opinium Research?

You can sign up to Opinium Research by clicking here. Membership is free and it takes just minutes to join up.

This is another one of those slow burning survey companies but a little extra cash is still good. I personally use my earnings from some of my slower companies to save for Christmas. This is a great way to get presents and have extra food & drink in.

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