Organising the kitchen – some of my favourite ways

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Recently I have been on a mission to make life a little easier for us. I have been organising the kitchen and it has made a big difference to my daily routine. Now that my kitchen is very organised I am able to find things easier and spend less time on cleaning. I have been able to declutter and organise at the same time, which is a great feeling.

I’m sharing with you some of my favourite items to help with organising the kitchen.

Organising the kitchen - some of my favourite ways


*Baking Tray Organiser

This bakeware organiser is absolutely fantastic. I can see at a glance what items I have available. I have been able to place this near the end of one of my cupboards. This allows me to lean more items against this and get another space from it. This is strong and I have stacked at least 12 different baking trays in mine.


*Sink Caddy

This is not the exact sink tidy that I have but I think this is very sweet. I have lots of black and silver in my kitchen and this would fit in perfectly. I use my sink tidy to hold a sponge, scourer and water treatment for my cats. This reminds me to use it frequently and keeps my sink looking organised.

This *carrier bag holder is fantastic. I have been able to cram at least 30-40 carrier bags inside this and now I always have one to hand. Mine is fitted onto the side of one of my kitchen cupboards. This means I have bags available whenever I want them and best of all I have a large space in my hall cupboard back.


*Under Shelf Basket

This is a fantastic way to get a little extra space in your cupboard. I have used these for sauces, little packets of spices and even baking sprinkles. They are very handy and lightweight too.


*Herb Shelving

This has to be one of my best items for organising the kitchen. I screwed mine to the inside of my cupboard door.  This holds the standard supermarket spice bottles and those from Schwartz etc. If you want to save money you can buy larger spices and either decant into the smaller bottles or find a different spice rack.


*Utensil Hanging Rack

This is a fantastic way to free up some drawer space. Best of all you have your utensils to hand and can have them right near your oven.


*KitchenCraft Shelf

If you like the utensil rack chances are you will like this too. Great to have all of your pans to hand and safe from little fingers too!


*Storage Set

I use a LOT of food storage boxes. I like to use them to keep baking and store cupboard items to hand. I’ve got quite a few different sizes for various uses. Examples of items I store in my pots include quinoa, seeds, nuts, pulses, pasta, rice, flour and cocoa powder.



I use my labels to help me keep track of different types of flours, sugars and more. I sometimes place a label on the bottom of a container and write the use by date. These labels work out at just 1p each which is great value.


*Egg Holder

This is one of my favourite items for organising the kitchen – mostly because it is super cute! This holds a TON of eggs and I find it easy to move around if I need too. I like to have my eggs to hand and this looks fun as well.


*Onion Bag / *Potato Bag

These two bags are ideal for helping with your organisation AND saving money. I want my vegetables to last as long as possible and these bags really help.

There is a zip at the bottom and a drawstring at the top. The zip allows you to remove just a few items. It also helps you with keeping the older products at the bottom and using those first.

I hope that this article on organising the kitchen has been helpful. Having a clean and organised kitchen is half the battle in helping us save money. When my kitchen looks and feels nice I want to cook more meals. This saves me money and is good for my waistline too!

Once your kitchen is organised why not mess it up again? Try one of my lovely recipes to reward yourself for your hard work! My slow cooker roast chicken is always a hit!

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These are my top items for organising the kitchen. Home organisation, spring cleaning and general organisation in my kitchen are so important!

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