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Our dream garden (AD)

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AD. I’ve made no secret of the fact that we are hoping to move by the end of Summer this year. All being well we will be celebrating Christmas in our own house this year for the first time ever! I’m REALLY excited about this year, and I’m pleased that the time seems to be zipping by so we are closer to our goal. I’m already thinking about how we want our home to look and one area that is particularly important to my husband Thomas is the garden. Today I want to share with you more details about our dream garden.

Our dream garden

Decking or a patio area

This would be a real must for me! I want a lovely area where we can sit with the family, have a Barbeque, enjoy a few drinks or even just where I can work. Being able to enjoy my coffee outside, particularly in the Spring, would be absolutely lovely. Also, it is a great extension of your home to have a nice decking or patio area. I love that you can just hose down patio areas, or clean it with a patio cleaner, to keep it looking fresh and clean.

Lovely patio furniture

This goes hand in hand with the above really. I’d love furniture that could be left out all year, perhaps Rattan furniture. This looks modern, is hard wearing, comfortable and best of all you can wipe the cushions over easily enough. I love furniture that is hard-wearing, especially with a 2-year-old and I’d love a corner sofa with a little table, ideal for my morning coffee! It would be lovely to have somewhere comfortable to sit while watching Daisy playing with her toys out in the garden, or perhaps playing in a *paddling pool.

A fantastic shed

Now, when I say a shed I don’t really mean JUST a shed. I’d LOVE a log cabin one day, perhaps one from Shedstore. It would be somewhere for me to work, write blog posts, relax, get my admin organised and just enjoy myself. I love the idea of having somewhere warm to shelter in the Winter months that is away from home, without leaving our dream garden! A log cabin would give me a lovely area to work, be productive and really feel like I have stepped away from also worrying about chores, cooking and the other household jobs while I am working.

A play area for Daisy

This is a given really! I’d love a big play area for Daisy. A swing, a climbing frame, a slide etc. I know that Daisy loves to visit the park and would find it amazing if we had a park in our own back garden, of sorts. This would allow us to spend lots of time out in our dream garden, in all weather, and would be great for when our nieces and nephews visited too.

So there you have it – our dream garden! One day hey! For now, we are just focusing on getting moved into a house of our own and then we can start putting our plans into motion.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.