Our first 2019 Bucket list update

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I have been writing an annual bucket list for our family for the last few years. This year I have been RUBBISH at arranging things from it, but I’ve still got time to turn things around! Being self-employed means I can get caught up in working every single day. This 2019 bucket list has been designed to motivate me into arranging fun trips and days out with my family on a regular basis. Although I haven’t been great at that so far this year. Anyway, this is our first 2019 bucket list update!

Here is a reminder of our 2019 bucket list at the beginning of the year:

My bucket list for 2019. A list of days out, adventures and ideas of memories that we want to make as a family. #Bucketlist #bucketlistideas #list #goals #aims #planning #familytime

I have gone through & updated our first 2019 bucket list update with a traffic light system. Green shows we have already achieved this, at least once. Orange shows that we have set the wheels in motion. This could mean that we have something booked already or that we have a date scheduled in our diary. Anyway, here it is… our first 2019 bucket list update:

My 2019 bucket list update. A list of days out, adventures and ideas of memories that we want to make as a family. #Bucketlist #bucketlistideas #list #goals #aims #planning #familytime

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So as you can see there are four completed items on the bucket list update so far:

Buy a new car – Earlier this year our car started to have a few mechanical issues. It was at the point where it was just too expensive to keep repairing it. It was no longer economical to do so. Thomas and I chose a Kia Rio, 2017 model, and we bought it using cash. We had been saving for a while and I had previously been saving to buy a car with survey earnings. We pooled our money together and got a lovely family car.

Head to a seaside resort – Daisy headed off to Clacton-On-Sea last month to stay with my Mum & Brother for the weekend. She had a lovely time, won a toy on the pier and played on the beach too. Hopefully, we can all head off down there a little later in the year.

Visit a farm – Daisy really enjoyed her day trip to Lea Valley Park Farms. I was slightly freaked out when Thomas implied that he was going to let her milk a cow (She’s allergic to dairy) but he was just kidding!

See Daisy pass one of her allergens – Daisy can now tolerate coconut. This is fantastic as so much of the free-from food has coconut in. We will still be avoiding it in large quantities, as she doesn’t seem able to tolerate a lot of coconut milk or higher concentrations, but this is great. It means Daisy can have more snack foods and it is one less FPIES trigger to worry about too. Also, this meant that I could pack more snacks when we were attending a wedding with FPIES.

I am working on a few other things on the bucket list but they don’t feel worthy of an orange update yet! Watch this space! The ones I have turned orange on the above picture are either things we already have booked or things I am working on. For example, I shot some photos at a family wedding recently, and some video too, on manual, which is a big step up for me. I’m getting there with learning how to use my camera, for sure. I know I’ll never be technically amazing but I’ve improved which is the main thing for me.

Being realistic, and honest with you, I don’t think we will end up booking Disney OR visiting another Country this year. Perhaps we will head to Edinburgh for a Christmas market, but beyond that, I just don’t see it. With Daisy and her FPIES, I think it is just so anxiety-inducing thinking about going abroad. We’re going to be moving soon, hopefully, and I think a lot of our money is going to go into this for the next few months. We will see though!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading our first 2019 Bucket list update. Check back later in the year for another one!

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