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Our garden visitor + a competition with Kitty Cats Joy (AD)

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Since moving into our new home, in October 2019, we’ve been through a LOT of changes to our home, and surroundings. The entire house needed decorating, and there are still a pile of DIY jobs to do, and tradespeople jobs, once the current social distancing situation has eased further. One thing that we absolutely love is having our own garden. We’ve spent a few thousand pound now on new fencing, a sleeper wall and in the garden centre, to try and create a space that we really enjoy spending time in. It’s going well! We seem to have attracted a garden visitor though!

A brown multi-coloured cat outside looking at the camera
Isn’t she a beauty?

Her name is Biscuit! She lives a few doors down, but chooses not to go home now as they’ve got a dog. She basically lived with the person who lived in our house before, but we don’t want to encourage her to live with us when she belongs to someone else, instead I have made provisions outside for her to be safe and have some food and water daily, and her owner knows she hangs out here!

How cute is this new mat? It’s a 35cm x 20cm high quality non-slip neoprene, washable, and dries out fast too. The backing being non-slip means the mat doesn’t move around, ideal for keeping food and water bowls in place in a set area of your home. The mat is from Kitty Cats Joy, who has lots of lovely cat mats, in a range of colours, and they can hold up to 4 names. You can also find lovely art prints, photo mugs, and more! I’ve got my eye on a few lovely pieces now for my home.

A black cat eating cat treats from a grey and black cat mat that displays the word Fluff

Fancy winning a cat mat from Kitty Cats Joy for yourself? Head over to my Instagram now as there is a competition live!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.