Our Purrfectbox Review

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My regular readers may remember that recently we received a Purrfectbox for our cats, Izzy and Jazz. We’ve been cat owners for 6 years now, when we received Izzy. Jazz joined us 4 years ago and they’ve been almost silently hating each other ever since. Despite this I still buy them lots of treats regularly and I never give up on my quest to make them friends. Playing with new toys regularly can keep my girls from fighting overnight. This makes for a better sleep for me and a more harmonious life for us all! Today I’m sharing my Purrfectbox Review with you and talking about this subscription box service.

Purrfectbox Review - Izzy playing with one of her new toys

This is Izzy. Izzy can destroy almost any toy in 2 minutes or less.

Our Purrfectbox Review

Purrfectbox is a subscription box service for pet owners. You can find out more about the subscriptions here. This is the first pet subscription box that I have seen, I think, and it is a great idea. Basically each month you get a box through your door and it has a mixture of goodies for your cats. This month our box contained wet food, dry food, cat treats, two cat toys and an additional item. There is also a booklet in the box to help us see what we’ve been sent, and learn more about the products. This is great as it allows us to sample new products we might not have known about and then learn more about them. As part of my Purrfectbox Review I received this box for free, however, as always my opinion is my own.

Purrfectbox Review - A look at the entire contents of our latest Purrfectbox

Here is a look at the contents of this months box.

Purrfectbox Review - A close up look at the toys our cats received

These toys came at just the right time for us! Firstly, I’ve just eliminated a load of the cat toys. Secondly, they are also baby friendly! Well, the ones on the right at least. Daisy is able to play with the cats and I don’t have to worry about bells or loose bits.

Our cats, particularly Izzy (pictured above) are able to destroy toys really fast. We’ve already been using the dangling toy on a stick for a few days now. Despite Izzy giving it a chew a fair few times it is holding up well. I’ve spent a small fortune on toys in the past, like this play tunnel for example, only for the toys to last around 30 seconds.

Purrfectbox Review - Izzy enjoying some of the treats from her new Purrfectbox

My girls are fussy with their treats and often they only like Dreamies and similar brands. These were a hit though and were promptly wolfed down!

Both our Purrfectboxes that we have received have had treats I’ve never seen before in. Both times our cats have enjoyed them which has been a surprise to me.

Enjoyed our Purrfectbox Review and want to save money on your first Purrfectbox?

Want to grab a Purrfectbox for your pets? Just pop on over to their website, fill in a few details and get going. Best of all you can save £5 off your first box with this code: ukb1yf59

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  1. Aimee April 19, 2017 / 1:59 pm

    Ooh love the look of this box! Will definitely be getting one of these for my furry little friend 🙂

    • katykicker April 20, 2017 / 7:51 am

      Izzy and Jazz have loved it so far – Izzy in particular as she is the boss!

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