Our second 2018 bucket list update

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The year is zipping by, isn’t it?! I can’t believe we’re almost into August already. The children are off school, the sun has been shining for an age and it’s been a good year for my family so far. Being self-employed can mean that family time falls by the wayside, as I get busy with work. By creating a 2018 bucket list I have been hoping to find myself accountable. Today I want to share with you my second update, so you can see what we’ve achieved so far.

Here is a reminder of our 2018 bucket list at the beginning of the year:

Our 2018 bucket list - take a look at what we want to enjoy as a family in 2018. Bucket list ideas, holiday ideas, makes and bakes

Now I have gone through and created our second 2018 bucket list update using a traffic light system. Green means we have already achieved this, at least once. Orange means that we have set the wheels in motion. This could mean that we have something booked already or a date scheduled in our diary. Anyway, here it is… our second 2018 bucket list update:

Our second 2018 Bucket list update - take a look at what we want to enjoy as a family in 2018. Bucket list ideas, holiday ideas, makes and bakes

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So as you can see there are three completed items on the bucket list update so far!

Enjoy a boat ride

Our second 2018 bucket list update - Our family enjoying a boat ride

For my 30th Birthday we headed off to a treehouse lodge at Centerparcs. While we are there we went out on the water in an electric boat. It was so much fun, even Daisy had a good time bobbing along and enjoying the water. It was so relaxing and worth every penny – I can’t wait to do it again next time we visit!

You can see some videos from our trip to the Centerparcs Treehouse at Woburn Forest:

Take a trip on the Emirates Airline

Our second 2018 bucket list update - Daisy, Grandad and Mummy riding the Emirates Airline

This was quite a big deal for me. I’m absolutely terrified of heights, so the idea of hanging 300M above the River Thames wasn’t particularly appealing to me. However, I set myself this goal to push myself slightly and I wanted to achieve it. Riding on the Emirates Airline was fantastic. Daisy was asleep for around half of the journey, which gave me some peace, and she was fascinated for the second half. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was when we stopped, right near the top, to allow someone else to board. However, I am glad they make it accessible to all so that is just a pitfall of that I suppose, but not something I begrudge.

Teach Daisy the alphabet

Daisy can sing the full alphabet and is beginning to identify some of the letters on my keyboard, and in books etc. This feels like such a big step in her life and makes her seem so grown up. I hope that focusing on areas like this will help Daisy when she starts school, and make it easier for her teachers to educate her too.

There are two items that have moved to in progress:

Make a wreath for Christmas

Our second 2018 bucket list update - wreath making at Centerparcs Woburn Forest

When I was in Centerparcs, I think in February or March, I went to a Willow Workshop with my Mum and we both created wreaths. I’ve stored mine away until Christmas time and I’m really looking forward to decorating it at Christmas time with handmade decorations with Daisy.

Visit Winter Wonderland

We’re all booked up for November now. We’re going to head to Longleat Forest with Centerparcs, and I’m super excited about booking our trip to Father Christmas as it is always a highlight of our week away. We’ve got it booked, and paid for, and it’s been a super cheap break this time, as we’ve decided not to book the hot tub lodge, as we are saving for a new car.

Now you’ve read our 2018 bucket list if you fancy it why not have a nosy at last year.

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I think we’re doing pretty well this year, definitely better than last year! I’m going to try and get at least 1-2 items crossed off each month. It’s amazing how the simple things, such as visiting the cinema, just seem to go by the wayside in the busyness of life.

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