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Our Water Babies photoshoot – a sneak peek!

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Recently I wrote about how my daughter Daisy was beginning Chapter 1 of Water Babies. We have been loving the classes and Daisy has now started chapter 2. It is so wonderful to watch my daughter learning a new skill.

She is able to hold her breath as she enters the water now and knows my voice command of ‘Daisy, ready, go!’. Now that Daisy has progressed to this level we were ready for our first Water Babies photoshoot!

Water Babies photoshoot - Daisy underwater

The Water Babies photoshoot that we attended was provided free with our chapter 1 swimming lessons. The usual cost would be around £45 at present.

On top of this session fee you pay for the photographs that you want to receive, either as a print or on a USB stick.

We attended our Water Babies photoshoot at the Aloft hotel in London. This was located in the Docklands area of London and was a lovely venue.

Our Water Babies photoshoot took place in the late afternoon, although there were slots available throughout the day. The pool that the shoot took place in was quite small, however, it didn’t feel cramped at all.

The photographer had his equipment already set up and the Water Babies photoshoot began like a normal class. We got our babies changed into their Water Babies swimwear and then got into the swimming pool.

I sang a few of the Water Babies songs to Daisy, to relax her, and then we were told about how the Water Babies photoshoot was going to work. Basically Daisy would be dipped, by a Water Babies staff member, 3 times in total, as long as she was happy.

During each of the 3 dippings they would take up to 3 photographs of Daisy underwater.

Daisy swimming in her swimseat at Centerparcs

Daisy is a real natural under the water and absolutely loves it. She does not cry when she emerges and lately she has began to squeal with laughter and even clap!

This is fantastic as it makes me feel really confident that Daisy is enjoying using her natural reflexes under the water.

The actual dipping of Daisy was straight forward and she had 3 dips in total. This meant that we were fortunate enough to get 9 photos from our Water Babies photoshoot.

In between each of the dippings we sang more songs, played with toys and just enjoyed being in the lovely warm water together.


Once the Water Babies photoshoot was complete we were able to go upstairs and choose our photographs. We had a small wait, because there were other parents choosing their images. 

Drinks and snacks were provided which was nice.

When our name was called we went through and were seated in-front of a computer. We were able to look through all of the images that the photographer had taken.

The quality was fantastic – even though we were advised that these wouldn’t be the final images. These would follow a few weeks later once editing had taken place.

Once we had seen the images we were then able to choose yes/no/maybe as applicable. There was a price list available with multiple packages and prices available. For example if you purchased a USB with your images on then you could get some prints as a free extra.

These photos are expensive compared to a standard photoshoot – however, your child is UNDERWATER! Special cameras, and equipment, are required, as well as editing of the photographs to make them look perfect.

Personally I think this is an opportunity you’re unlikely to ever get again in your life. You definitely couldn’t recreate this photo yourself even with a *GoPro.

Daisy is 17 months old - Swimming floating on a pool float

Choosing the photographs at our Water Babies photoshoot

We loved the process of choosing our photographs. Once our order was taken we opted to pay for our photographs on the day.

I think as an alternative you can have them bill the usual card that you have on file for paying for your swimming lessons.

The above image is a sneak peek at one of our photographs – we are waiting for our USB stick. Images are received within 6 weeks of ordering I believe but we have been assured of pre-Christmas delivery.

The USB stick comes with two of each image. One is a high resolution one for printing purposes and one is a lower resolution one for use on social media etc.

Water Babies Photoshoot cost

The photographs at our session ranged from a couple of hundred up to £900. I noticed people on the day of our Water Babies Photoshoot were negotiating deals to purchase all of the photographs on a USB.

The photographs themselves were high quality, and we were so glad that we were able to get them all.

The cost of the Water Babies Underwater Photoshoot is typically around £45. At least it was 2 years ago. Prices may have changed slightly.

We had a great time at our Water Babies photoshoot!

Overall we had a fantastic day at our Water Babies photoshoot and look forward to arranging another one in the future. I saw families with multiple children having photographs taken together and they looked amazing!

Our Water Babies area is the London North East one and we love it! We take our lessons in Harlow, Essex and we have a wonderful instructor too.

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Wednesday 30th of November 2016

Thank you - we had a great time. Can't wait to see the photos!

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