Airfryer roast potatoes – Absolutely delicious AND so simple!

Last year I managed to buy an *airfryer thanks to an Amazon lightning deal. I got it for a very reasonable price, but now I’ve tried it I would DEFINITELY pay more for it! One of my regular items to make in it is airfryer roast potatoes. They are so simple and easy that I just had to share.

Airfryer roast potatoes

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The Meal Planning Linky Week #75 Meal Plan

Happy Friday! I hope that the week has been a great one for you. It has for me. I’m back on track with work, chores and family life after my operation and feeling really good. I love seeing what everyone is linking up and getting inspiration for my own meal plan. I’m running this weekly meal planning linky, that allows other bloggers to share their meal plans too. I hope that this will help people to find lots of inspiration, delicious recipes and maybe read some helpful blog posts about meal planning and money saving. Don’t forget to check out my post to help you avoid overspending on your groceries.

Katykickers weekly meal planning linky

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8 things I’ve learned in 8 years of marriage

Today marks 8 years since my lovely husband and I got married. The day started with a little rain, and then it brightened up into blissful sunshine. This really sums up our 11.5 years together so far! We’ve had a little rain along the way, and a few storms, but today, to mark our 8th wedding anniversary I want to share 8 things I’ve learned in 8 years of marriage. I’ve written this post in advance as Thomas and I are enjoying a well deserved day together today! We are going to do a little shopping, eat out and spend time in each other’s company while Daisy is at Nursery.

8 things I've learned in 8 years of marriage

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Is It Safe to Travel With Pre-Existing Medical Conditions? (AD)

AD. A standard travel insurance plan does not include pre-existing medical conditions in its coverage. This means that with typical travel insurance pre-existing conditions are automatically excluded. They only cover unprecedented medical claims and emergencies while travelling. However, there are insurance providers that offer additional cover for pre-existing medical conditions such as heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. Yes, there is travel insurance specially designed for travellers with existing medical conditions so that when they get sick while travelling abroad, because of their current medical conditions, their health care costs will also be covered. Coverage will only be provided for conditions that the insured have declared when applying for the policy.

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Living Arrows 22/52 [2019]

Happy Monday! I’ve just completed my first full week getting back on track with cleaning, chores, working and errands. It’s been great! Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, and as Daisy is at Nursery from 7-7, Thomas and I are going out for lunch. Daisy and I had a weekend at home, which meant we had LOTS of hours to fill! We created her a new toy area on Friday and she has been loving that. Also, for the first time in 3 weeks I felt up to going out alone with Daisy so yesterday we headed off to the park. This weeks living arrows 22/52 post is now live!

Living Arows 22/52 - Daisy at the top of the slide

When we got to the park my Mum was waiting. I love this park, as it is a few minutes from home for us and also a short walk for my Mum. It is usually really quiet, probably because it isn’t particularly fun for bigger children. Daisy loves that it has a slide, and swings, and a little crooked roundabout, which is great. I love that there are lots of trees around so the area is well shaded and I don’t have to bake too much on the walk there.

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