Aims for July 2020 – the results

Hello! What a month it has been. We’ve been able to enjoy the garden lots, finally seen a few members of our family and even enjoyed a couple of BBQs by ourselves at home. I have barely had a minute to look at my aims, so to be honest it’ll be a bit of a surprise to see how I’ve done as I write this out!! Here are the results of my July 2020 aims – hope you enjoy.

A notebook and pen with text that says Aims for July 2020 - the results
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Free holidays thanks to matched betting (AD – Affiliate links)

As you read this post I’m actually on holiday! I’ve had lots of free holidays thanks to matched betting earnings. When I say free I mean that I’m free to choose where we go, as we have a nice budget to play with. We can go anywhere we want really. In recent years we’ve bene able to go to Centerparcs 4 or 5 times and enjoying a few weekends away along the way too. We always stay in the nicer lodges, and really enjoy a break with our family. It’s fab!

I’m a firm believer that if you work hard you deserve to treat yourself. However, I’m also someone who wants to buy a house, have a nice car and have savings in the bank. This is why I love to earn free holidays by matched betting. Be sure to read my pros and cons of matched betting for a really honest insight into the good and bad side of matched betting.

Katy standing on the balcony on a holiday paid for thanks to matched betting earnings
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Matched Betting (AD – affiliate links)

2016 was definitely the year that matched betting took off in a BIG way for me and it has continued for the past few years. I have been matched betting for 4 years now so felt it time to update this post. Matched betting is a fantastic way to make additional money – and best of all it is a perfectly legal way to make a little money from casinos and bookmakers! 

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The Meal Planning Linky Week #135 Meal Plan

Good morning! Hope you’re well. I’ve had a nice productive week, and can’t really believe there is just ONE more week before Daisy leaves Nursery forever! Wow! Anyway, here is my meal plan for the week before I start getting soppy!

Meal planning helps us to have low food waste which is really important to me. I feel really sad if we have to throw something in the bin, thinking of both the environmental impact and the fact that other people struggle to afford food. I am always trying to take steps to make sure we are avoiding overspending on groceries.

Katykickers weekly meal planning linky
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Chocolate chip brioche rolls

Baking is such a great way to express gratitude to someone when being invited to their home. You can make most recipes MILES cheaper than shop bought and they usually taste a lot better fresh from the oven too! These chocolate chip brioche rolls are soft, fluffy, delicious and super tasty when freshly made.

I love to cook and bake. I may not be the most skilful, or most artistic, but I really enjoy it. There are some recipes that are ridiculously lengthy to make and can almost feel like a chore. Croissants, bread, chocolate chip brioche rolls, panettone and Christmas cake are just a few that spring to mind.

I have a lovely *Panasonic SD-2501 breadmaker that makes all of the above recipes a doddle. After a remark from my husband recently about chocolate chip brioche rolls I decided to make up a batch of dough. If you want to get started right away then scroll near the end of the post for my chocolate chip brioche rolls recipe card.

Chocolate chip brioche rolls made in the Panasonic breadmaker on a cooling rack
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