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*Pureprofile is definitely a slow burner and one that I just visit for a few seconds (literally) once or twice a week. Surveys can range from 30p – £5 really and if you are disqualified from a survey you will usually receive at least 5-10p for the few seconds it takes to get DQD. Personally …

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A notepad and pen with ticked check boxes and text overlay that says get paid to give your opinion


NewVistaLive are a *survey company that will send out surveys worth 50p+. Each survey helps you earn the £50 needed for their minimum cashout. Payments are sent after the 1st of the month for the previous month meaning if you reach £50 in July it will be sent in August. I personally hit £50 2-3 times a …

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Make money with YourSayPays


YourSayPays is much like OnePoll in that they have surveys listed, from Monday – Friday, and they are usually for amounts from around 5p – 50p. Some days I will find 5 surveys, other days none, but usually I can complete each survey in just a minute or two. I love short and sweet surveys …

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