15 minute spaghetti bolognese

Sometimes you just want a nice hearty bowl of spaghetti don’t you! This spaghetti bolognese is simple to prep, reasonably priced, quick to cook and most important – absolutely delicious! It takes just 15 minutes to make this spaghetti bolognese so is ideal for those nights when you’re a little pressed for time.

Get dinner on the table in a rush with this recipe. Scroll down a little for my printable recipe card!

15 minute spaghetti bolognese - the finished dish!
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Using Hyperjar to manage family finances (AD)

In our household, the money management often comes down to me. I’m happy with this arrangement, as I’m organised and enjoy savings. I know how to prepare a budget and enjoy knowing that our family finances are well managed. My husband has access to our ‘house’ bills account and is happy with how things work but he also does the bulk of the shopping in our house too, especially at present. This works really well but I wanted an account where I could transfer some of our groceries budget so Tom could use the card and it wouldn’t matter when he forgets to give it back to me! Then HyperJar reached out to me to test out their service and it seemed perfect timing!

Manage your family finances with HyperJar
Everything you need to get started with HyperJar!
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Dylon fabric dye – does it work? I answer your questions!

In the past if I had clothes that looked worn I would just throw them in the bin. Eventually. However, I want to waste less money and I hate clothes shopping. 

Since having my c-section I am really struggling with finding trousers that actually fit nicely, without hurting my stomach. I’ve got one pair of jeans that I absolutely love and they are really comfortable.

I’m able to work down the allotment in them and walk long distances without pain. They had seen better days though. Significantly better days. 

For a while I was wearing them faded and wasn’t really bothered. That is until I saw a photo of me wearing them. I knew then that I had to either find more jeans that I enjoy OR I had to give my favourite jeans a dye. I picked up this Dylon fabric dye and set to work.

Dylon fabric dye in use
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The Meal Planning Linky Week #124 Meal Plan

Morning. Happy Friday. Another week passes by and I’m feeling well settled in the routine of this ‘new’ phase of life. We’ve been home for well over 8 weeks now and while I miss outside I’m also grateful to be safe at home. For now I’m just trying to stay safe and calm at home. As always I am always trying to take steps to make sure we are avoiding overspending on groceries.

Katykickers weekly meal planning linky
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