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Keeping our car safe with the PAJ GPS Power Finder 4G (AD)

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In 2019, shortly before moving into our home, my husband and I saved up to purchase a nearly new car outright. Our car is a 2017 model, without too many bells and whistles. As such we want to try to protect it from theft, which is where the PAJ GPS Power Finder 4G comes in!

Buying a car, and spending £1000s, felt like quite a daunting time for us. It was one of our first ever big cash purchases, and as such we want to do what we can to protect this spend. This feels particularly important as there have been several on-street car thefts in our street in the past 12 months.

This GPS tracker is designed to be placed discretely within your vehicle, and will provide real time tracking via outstanding 4G network coverage. This device offers fantastic GPS reception with approximately 40 days of battery life in the constant tracking mode and up to 90 days of battery life on standby mode.

PAJ GPS Power Finder 4G

How does this GPS tracker work?

You’ll need to give this a thorough charge with the included USB charger before you can use it.

Then you simply open it up, switch it on, replace the cover and you’re ready to start using it. It’s really simple to set up, and begin to use.

With the addition of the handy app, which you can download from the Google Play and Apple App Store, and the magnets that come provided, you can install this tracker just about anywhere in your car. Concealed in the glove box or even underneath a seat is a great way to hide this out of the way, and avoid drawing attention to it.

This works via GPS but in addition to this the tracker contains a sim which allows it to access the 4G network and transmit data that way, even when there is no GPS signal. This does require a subscription, which is an optional feature. Membership prices range from £3.75 to £5.99 per month, depending on the frequency of payment that you prefer.

The app comes with great features such as live tracking, which updates every 30 seconds, and the option to ring fence a specific area not to receive notifications. This is great if you’re just driving to and from a place of work, or relatives house regularly and don’t want constant notifications either to yourself or someone else who is monitoring your vehicle for you.

You don’t have to just fit this to a car either. It would be equally as convenient used on a van, bus, bicycle and more.

Why use the PAJ GPS Power Finder?

This device is designed to help you track your car if you’re unfortunate enough to be the victim of a theft. It has a magnetic back side, and you can even be provided with motion, radius and speed alerts via the finder portal app.

Should the device / tracker be removed from your vehicle it also can provide an alarm. In addition to this there is an alarm that will activate if the device is removed from the vehicle, one for low battery and even one for speeding (if you choose to set it!).

This is great to notify you of any potential problems, particularly if, like my husband, you sometimes park your car up for a week at a time as you cycle or use alternative transport to get to work.

What’s more, you can set a ring fenced area where you can turn alerts off entirely to avoid unnecessary notifications.

Time is of the essence in theft cases most of the time, as cars can often be shipped abroad. Vehicle thieves will steal cars, park them up in private car parks, or even on residential streets, to wait to see if there is a tracker fitted to the vehicle.

If nobody returns to collect the car, or have it towed depending on the condition, then they know that they can ship the car abroad where it will either be issued a new licence plate or even stripped down for parts.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.