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Review: Peppa Pig Peppa’s Shopping Centre Playset (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted the Peppa Pig Shopping Centre playset in exchange for this review. Daisy is a HUGE Peppa Pig fan! As well as reviewing lots of wonderful Peppa Pig toys in recent years we have also made lots of purchases, both new and used, to build up quite a vast collection of Peppa Pig toys. Daisy is 4.5 now but still loves playing with them, and I don’t think she’ll outgrow them for at least another year or two yet!

Peppa Pig Shopping Centre

Peppa Pig Shopping Centre Playset

This fantastic shopping centre has a number of great features. The playset comes with a Peppa Pig figurine, the perfect size to play in the shopping centre and 12 accessories too.

Floor 1 of the Peppa Pig Shopping Centre

There are two floors to have fun on, and four shopping areas. The backgrounds of the shopping areas can be swapped around and the signs can be swivelled to create six different shops in total. These are a pizzeria, ice cream parlous, cake shop, toy store, fruit and veg shop and a bakery too.

The table and chairs are so fun, as the table can be rotated and the food available changes. This is such a fun little element that Daisy finds amazing, and she loves to show me over and over!

Floor 2 of the Peppa Pig Shopping Centre

A real working lift!

There is a REAL working life! It is super simple to use, with just the press of a button to make the lift rise up. Then you can push it back down to the ground level again. The lift is a great size for the figurines to stand in and the shopping trolley can fit in too if need be!


A working microphone!

No supermarket would be complete without a tannoy for announcements! There is a real working microphone. Press the button and speak to make your announcements or even call a friend to help with your shopping in the shopping centre.

Lots of fun accessories

One of the super cute features of this shopping centre has to be the little electronic noises. Daisy loves pressing the button to hear BING BONG! It really adds a realistic element from the Peppa Pig TV show that is so fun for Daisy.

Shopping trolley in the Peppa Pig Shopping Centre

There are two shopping trolleys, a little basket with fruit in and lots of stickers too of carrots like Mr Potato Head and even characters in the shop areas, which adds another layer of fun to the whole toy.

Great for use with other Peppa Pig figurines and accessories

I love that like most of the other Peppa Pig toys you receive a full sized figurine with it. You can use your own Peppa Pig figurines with this playset too which is great. This means that we wouldn’t need to purchase anything new, partly because we must have about 15 Peppa Pig figurines now!

Shops in the Peppa Pig Shopping Centre

Overall thoughts on the Peppa Pig Shopping Centre Playset

This is great fun! Lots to keep little ones entertained, and I love that you can swap the backgrounds in the shops on the top floor, and just make it all a little more fun. The lift is really cool and Daisy loves the tannoy the most. Making little announcements on this is great fun and I must admit I’ve enjoyed playing with this playset quite a bit too!

Buy your own Peppa Shopping Center Playset

Take a look at a video of the Peppa Pig Shopping Center:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.